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10 Must Have Plugins For Every WordPress Website

WordPress is one of the easiest ways to setup a blog, website or even store, but there are a few plugins that should be considered before running off and posting a million posts.
10 Must Have Plugins For Every WordPress Website
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WordPress is one of the easiest ways to setup a blog, website or even store but there are a few things that should be considered before thinking that the site will be a success. Whether it’s for SEO purposes or just for making a WordPress site more appealing to visitors. Let’s take a look at some of the more notable WordPress plugins that will take that basic WordPress website and turn it into something more presentable that will drive in more visitors.

10. All In One SEO Pack

This is a must have plugin for any WordPress website period, with search engines such as Google ranking website according to relative information to the users search terms, it is important to make sure you meet each criteria.

09. Broken Link Checker

Putting links on a website is nothing new, although over time those link may become broken if the destination website is removed or altered. The Broken Link Checker plugin for wordpress will check your links daily to ensure that your visitors won't be lead to a 404 page or even worse, the idea your website is a waste of time and to never return.

08. Akismet

Thankfully this plugin comes standard to 99% of all fresh WordPress installations. With spam being one of the most annoying things online, Akismet is the number one prevention of such “problems”. You can also control how your site distributes pings and trackbacks.

07. Disqus Comment System

Although a comment system is already in place with every installation of a WordPress website, but Disqus Comment System takes it up 10 notches. This plugin is universal, giving users an easy to sign in process to leave a comment. This makes it so there's the potential for more “discussions” by not forcing readers to sign-up just to leave a comment.

06. Contact Form 7

There should always be a way for a visitor to any website to have access to contact the owner, manager or webmaster. Contact Form 7 is a plugin that solves all these problems with an easy one time setup and a copy and paste code. Just enter the code into a page or post and the contact form will be created once the page is published and viewed.

05. JetPack

Maybe 5th isn't the best spot for this plugin, as I personally rate this as the most important plugin for every single WordPress. This is an official WordPress plugin and connects any self hosted website with in order to establish a whole host of features. From site stats to automatically publishing to an array of social sites, the JetPack plugin is a must have.

04. W3 Total Cache

Though this plugin might not be “necessary” with a brand new domain name, new website and hardly any visitors, but once you start to gain higher traffic rates this plugin will prevent your site from getting overwhelmed. Sudden traffic spikes are definitely a good thing but as soon as a limit is reached your website will be inaccessible to others. Install this plugin now and never have to worry about it later.

03. WordPress Database Backup

While hosting, running and enjoying your hard work might seem like a bit of fun, however when a disaster strikes and all your data is lost it becomes the biggest PAIN IN YOUR A#*!. With WordPress Database Backup you can rest assure in knowing if that disaster ever does strike you site will be prepared and ready to go on a fresh installation of the WordPress framework.

02. WPTouch

Nothing is more annoying for visitors and readers than having to navigate through a website on their mobile device on a non mobile website. WPTouch takes all the hard work out of the game and with just by activating the plugin will your website be suitable for Apple devices, Android devices and yes even those forgotten Windows phones.

01. Google Plus Authorship

Don’t leave home without this plugin ladies and gentlemen, as we all know Google’s search engine is the most used out of all the search engines and it’s not even close. Coming in as the second leading search engine is, yes you guessed it another Google service in YouTube. With this plugin it gives the author a face and makes their posts stand out in Google's search results when a user types in similar keywords.

There you have it, 10 WordPress plugins that are almost mandatory to install in order to have a successful WordPress website. Now there are plenty of other options to choose from in the plugins department, so if you feel there are some I missed or others that should be added as a bonus, then please feel free to leave a comment below. Also, if you are looking to install WordPress on your own domain and need some guidance, here is a good “How-To” I wrote to get you started, How To Install WordPress On Your Own Domain.

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