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10 Tips While Traveling By Flight

When traveling by flight to somewhere around the world can always cause a bit of stress and anxiety even with the all the excitement no matter where the destination may be.


10 Tips While Traveling By Flight

When preparing for a flight, people normally tend to pack once they have landed and are not really prepared for the actual flying itself, which can last up to 20+ hours. This guide will give the general advice a traveler will need and may want to take into consideration the next time flying becomes an option.


Tip 1

When traveling with more than just yourself, it is always a good idea to pack half of your clothes in each bag. The reason for this is, if the airlines happens to lose one of your bags, which is not an unusual case, you will at least have half of your belongings that you had planned on taking. This dilemma may be hard to manage at first, but this is only just you until you can get things sorted out.


Tip 2

Parking can always be irritating when trying to find a space, especially if you are already running on a tight schedule. However, when you return from your trip, your brain might be a bit mushy onto where you parked your car before you left. It’s a good idea to write down or use a nifty phone application from the app store to remember where you parked when you do decide it’s time to come home.


Tip 3

Before your flight, some people decide to take a stop at the bar located just inside the airport to make the flight a little more enjoyable. A good piece of advice is to match 2 glasses of water with each alcoholic beverage. This is also true for the on flight drinks as well. The reason for this is due to the nature of the flight, going between beverage services is a good habit and keeping hydrated is the key so headaches do not start to develop during the duration of the flight. It’s also nice to know you won't be “That” person causing others to hate their flight, remember while in the air, you are all in it together.


Tip 4

Allergies are not just for the springtime, and if you have any symptoms or have had any due to animals it’s a really good idea to purchase some medicine just in case. People who take a flight for vacation or business trip are always saying bye to their animals right before they leave, and could be bringing their furry-friend’s hair and dandruff causing problems for those that have allergies. So the next time you or someone else flies with potential allergic symptoms, make sure to throw in a sealed package of medicine into your carry on baggage or take it right before you board your flight.


Tip 5

This one is imperative; always ensure that your seat has a barf bag included, as only a precaution, but not just for yourself. The bathrooms always busy, and just in case your seatmate has an unneeded situation you are prepared. This advice may sound a bit ‘Out There’, but let’s just assume you don’t want to be that person covered in puke.


Tip 6

Traveling on a long flight can be unpleasant from just the duration alone, but if you add a howling kid into the mix you may just want to jump out with a parachute at your next opportunity. Spending just a few dollars and coming prepared is always a good idea, it can really cost pennies if you have a good imagination too. For example, if a kid it screaming and causing problems, you can try to hand them a barf bag and some crayons, then ask them to make you a puppet to try and buy you some quiet time. Another great idea I once saw on a flight is, a child was crying very loudly and he didn’t seem to be letting up anytime soon. So, a woman a few rows away came up with bag of treats, she gave the child a few and told him he would get more if he behaved. Sure enough it was like a miracle had just been performed, but make sure you talk to the parents of the child first though, because you never want give a random kid a treat without their consent.


Tip 7

There are a few things that are important to make sure you are dressed comfortably for, and one of them is your feet. Dressing nice before your flight is fine, but if you are wearing uncomfortable shoes of any kind you will want to pack some different ones or slippers in your carry on before you board the flight. Long hours on board that’s filled with a couple hundred other passengers can get cramped, and with there not being so much room to move your feet, you will want to give them the most comfortable environment you can.


Tip 8

The next order of business will be your butt when it comes to ensuring they are in optimal comfort levels during your flight. The seats on a airplane aren't too bad, but they were designed to accommodate most everyone, so this means it may seem a bit too hard or a little too soft to what you might be able to handle over a 18 hour flight. Dress belts should be taken off prior to your flight, and trust me on this one, a numb butt has nothing fun about it and taking off your belt in front of others can be hard in the tight spaces you might be traveling in. Changing into some sweatpants or basketball shorts might be a good idea once everyone is seated and you can manage a few moments in the restroom to change.


Tip 9

Arriving early is always a piece of advice that will stand the test of time, especially when it comes to traveling, and no matter what the method may be. Domestic flights are one thing, but with International flights you should add even more time with the screening processes you most likely endure. Patience is imperative to handle in order to stay relaxed when going through the preflight process, from baggage checking, to waiting for your section to board your flight, this is why it’s always a good idea to be the early bird to a flight to help cut back that unneeded stress.


Tip 10

The final tip in this preflight list will be, entertainment. A flight can seem like weeks before it ends if you don’t find something to occupy your mind. Books and Drawing are a good source for entertainment you can enjoy during your preflight waiting, the actual flight and any other down time you may have in your travels. The best part about bringing one of these methods is, it doesn't need batteries. Now of course you can bring an ‘ereader’, but make sure you are prepared for life without power, because you never know what can happen during a trip or vacation


There you have it, a list of 10 great advice tips to help you on your next travel adventure or business trip via the air. Though this isn't the only tips out there to make your flight more harmonious, so if you have any other excellent advice for fellow travelers, then leave them in a comment below and do your good deed for the day. You never know it may just get added to the list! :)


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