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12 Year Old Attempts To Kill Mother Over Smartphone

Bleach is NOT for drinking

12 Year Old Attempts To Kill Mother Over Smartphone

BEHAVE-- This story I fear is going to be one that will trend well into the future as a new generation of children are being raised purely on being connected online socially. Reports have been filed after a mother has had a second run-in with bleach being in here drink. Even though she is going to be totally fine, the story isn’t founded on not washing off the dishes properly of bleach before putting them away, but more of a tale that many parents will perk up their attention too.

This story took place in Boulder, Colorado as a 12 year old daughter was punished by having her iPhone taken away. Kids will be kids as they say, but early signs of psychotic behaviors or bad parenting shouldn't be overlooked.

When the mother took the phone away from her daughter for the first time on March 2nd, a quick trip to the hospital was in order. The 12 year old poured bleach in her mothers smoothie without her acknowledgment in hopes to get her iPhone back(?). Both times the mother smelt the bleach, however during the first instance she only assumed it was by mistake and was let go from the hospital on the same day in fine health.

The second attempt in the 12 year old attempting to kill, hurt or whatever odd idea she had was when the mother suspicion took hold. Sitting her child down it was then revealed that her child had been doing it on purpose in hopes of obtaining her iPhone back. Growing up most of us have all said something to our parents that we regret whether we remember them or not, but this is taking it to another level.

Hopefully the mother puts her child into some sort of therapy, I would hate to find out later on when the 12 year old grows up that she attempted, or even worse kills someone over a misplaced, lost or stolen smartphone. With over 7 Billion people on the planet the chances of a few bad seeds regardless of their health is a given, sadly no one ever thinks it will be their child until chances are it’s too late.

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