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18 Foot Python Found in Florida, Making it One of the Largest Snakes to be Found in the World

Burmese Pythons and Green Anacondas have taken over Florida ecosystem and are taking out much of the natural food order including large Alligators 

18 Foot Python Found in Florida, Making it One of the Largest Snakes to be Found in the World
Python eating an Alligator photo by wikipedia

If you are planning to spend time in Florida this Spring, especially during the wild time of Spring Break and are planning to do some serious partying, do not get drunk and pass out outside or well, anywhere for that matter.

Thanks to some” brilliant “ pet owners in the area and due to environmental hazards such as hurricanes and severe weather, a large number of Burmese pythons have invaded the Florida Everglades and are pretty much taking over the eco system.  The Green Anaconda has also found its way into the Florida ecosystem of the Everglades and this is a snake so big, it eats Alligators for a small snack.

The Hurricanes in and of themselves, accidentally set free legitimate snake farm reptiles into the ecosystem while pet owners simply became too burdened in dealing with the size and feeding schedule of the Pythons and simply unleashed them onto the unsuspecting public of rural southern Florida.  They have actually become a major traffic hazard as people run them over in the street.  They also seem to have become these large feeding machines and they are taking out major populations of mammals and reptiles that used to live harmoniously in the Southern Florida environment.

According to writer, Karen Graham:

“The Florida bobcat and alligators used to be the number one predator in the Everglades. Recent wildlife counts done in 2012 along the southernmost tip of the park have shown the bobcat has declined significantly and more than 99 percent of raccoons are gone, along with nearly the same percentage of opossums and about 88 percent of bobcats.”

This is her second article about the Florida snake infestation.  Karen Graham is a community issues writer located in Richmond, Virginia and is 66 years old, but she apparently isn’t as afraid of these large predators as many other people would be.  Also according to Graham, these large snakes are not the only species to be an invasive intrusion.  The African Snail has become a major pest to Miami- Dade County as well.

Due to its climate, these invasive species, reptiles and snails will reproduce and thrive in the naturally hot and wet weather that is very typical of Southern Florida.  It is a shame that many other species and possibly some out of luck humans, will start to disappear as these snakes begin to destroy the natural order of the Everglades and many neighboring rural towns as the food begins to become scarce.

One of the snakes that was found out in the wild and eventually turned over to the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission measured in at eighteen feet in length.  According to reports from CNN:

Despite the snake's size, it's not the biggest recorded in Florida. That distinction goes to an 18-foot, 8-inch specimen killed by a Florida man who spotted it sticking out of bush in Miami-Dade County in May 2013, according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.”

Also according to CNN, Pythons have become such a problem in Florida that the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission held an actual snake killing contest to see which snake hunters could capture and kill as many of these snakes as possible. 


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