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2013 Weird Records

2013 was not a very remarkable year. 
2013 Weird Records
2013 was not a very remarkable year. 

No major elections or wars took place. The economy didn't go just too crazy. Alien life still brought to the public eye. However, there were some very interesting and very weird individuals who were inducted into the Guinness Book of World Records. Perhaps this will help you rethink how boring this world is.

1.                  There is a fine line between obesity and ferocity. 2013's heaviest sportswoman record went to Sharran Alexander of London, UK. She weighed in at an impressive 448 lbs. What sport does this woman dominate? Sumo wrestling. It makes sense now, doesn't it?

2.                  Some people just never die and continue to do what they love long past all of their friends slip into dementia. Johanna Quaas of Germany was born in 1925. That makes her 86, but that doesn't stop her from competing in amateur gymnastic competitions. The floor and beam routine is her specialty. The record of oldest gymnast  for this past year was given to Johanna. She looks like my grandmother.

3.                  The tallest human is a normal record. The tallest dog is one more worth mentioning, however. Born in Michigan, USA, Zeus is a black Great Dane who probably should be classified as a Colossus Dane. Zeus stands on all fours at 44 in. That is just under 4 feet. This dog could eat your little sister with ease. No other dog in history on record has been this big. That is why Zeus holds the Tallest Dog record in Guinness.

4.                  Anyone who collects anything is weird to me, but to each his own. Bettina Dorfmann of Germany has spent the past 20 years collecting Barbie dolls of ever variety. Her submission for this record told Guinness that she had over 15,000 different kinds of Barbie dolls. That was enough to get her the record of Largest Collection of Barbie Dolls.

5.                  Lets not stop with Barbies. The record for Largest Collection of Hello Kitty Memorabilia goes to Asako Kanda of Japan. Her whole house is dedicated to the kitty cartoon. Her kitchen and bathroom are even a tribute. When counted, Asako was found to have 4,519 pieces of Hello Kitty nonsense. But now people write articles about her, so I guess the joke is really on me.

6.                  Child prodigies are always a good reminder of how much you don't have your life together. Julian Pavone fits this mold. This youngster isn't even 10 yet and he has already recorded albums with professional musicians and made solo albums as well. Youngest Professional Drummer record goes to Julian because he is a miracle baby.

7.                  It takes all kinds. Some people are really good at playing the drums, others are really talented at juggling. The record for The Most Balls Juggled went to Alex Barron of the UK. He Successfully juggled 11 balls for 23 catches in a row. There is no way most people would attempt this feat seriously. So it should go without say that this kid has...courage.

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