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3D Printing In The Fashion World, Could Video Cames Be The Next Tool?

3D Printed Clothes & Video Games In The Fashion Industry?
3D Printing In The Fashion World, Could Video Cames Be The Next Tool?

In A Galaxy Far Far Away….

Fashion trends change more often that the seasons do in a calendar year, but how will this market evolve as the world becomes more and more inclined to look good in a technological era? How may the fashion industry continue to grow?, well it may come down to how connected our lives become on a daily basis to the technological world.

As each generation passes and the technology continues to steamroll into the future, fashion commodities will be ever more present. This is where the video game industry can have a major impact on how the industry is presented to the consumer. The evolving physics within video games will make it harder for the mind to tell the difference between reality and that of the digital kind.

Imagine a standard house with a 3D Printer and an improved Oculus Rift like device, a user will be able to print out a basic design mock-up of a fashion item they are looking to purchase, one that has no printed design or color. The consumer can then try it on with the Oculus Rift like device or experience and cycle through the variety of designs while they wear it until the one that looks best is found and then can be purchased.

The consumer will then be able to print the purchased design through their 3D printer, only this time it could be made out of a more premium material for better durability while also have the design print or color of their choice. This is just scratching the surface on what could be a possibility.

The future looks bright, lets just hope the the governments and regulating authorities don’t put up too many roadblocks, as we can expect them to do their best to maintain as much control as they can over future technologies, even in the fashion industry.

Here is a video clip of just what might be in store for us in the not so distant future. Let’s hope the fashion industry gets a few new ideas on what it should look like, as I can’t image to many people walking down the street in this, let alone be comfortable while being seated.



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