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4 Fixes For A Fresh Elementary OS Freya Installation

There are a few known problems when installing Elementary OS Freya

4 Fixes For A Fresh Elementary OS Freya Installation

Here is a list of some of the most common issues when installing Elementary OS Freya, remember this version is still in the Beta version so errors and problems are bound to occur. If there is something you think that should be added to the list, suggest it in the comments and I will look to make it happen.

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FIle Browser Won't Open As ROOT

sudo apt-get install gksu gksudo pantheon-files

Ctrl+Alt+T Is Not Working, It Won’t Open The Terminal

sudo update-alternatives –config x-terminal-emulator and then select the pantheon-terminal by entering the number beside it and press enter

When Using Faba Monowith Moka Themes, Fix White Notifications

wget -O && sh && rm Use elementary tweaks to select the new Faba Mono Modified icons

Fix 2nd Chrome Icon On Plank

sudo scratch-text-editor /usr/share/applications/google-chrome.desktop There Will Be3 Sections, [Desktop Entry], [NewWindow Shortcut Group] and [NewIncognito Shortcut Group] With Many Lines In Between Each One.

Under Each Section add StartupWMClass=Google-chrome-stable then save and exit.

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