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5 Great Android Sports Games

Sports games on the Android platform are some of the best games for users who enjoy playing on their mobile smartphones or tablets.
5 Great Android Sports Games
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Sports games on the Android platform are some of the best games for users who enjoy playing on their mobile smartphones or tablets. This list is going to contain 5 of the best sports games in the Google Playstore today. It should be noted that the order is in no particular ranking and it is possible to get these apps for free through various ways like holiday sales or other means.

5. EA’s Real Racing 3

The graphics on this game are pretty amazing and anyone using a HD device will really enjoy running laps in their custom car. This is a free app with in game purchasing available, it should be noted that the coins you start with should only be spent on a car in the beginning and you should keep the dollars. Friends can also compete against each other in recorded races, what this means is if a user races a competition and then their friend does at another date, a recorded version of the first driver will be racing in the second users race. To test out Real Racing 3 click here: Google Playstore - EA’S Real Racing 3.

4. Riptide GP2

Wave racing through some intense levels in the first installment of the Riptide GP series was beautifully orchestrated and now they have doubled your pleasure in the second version. Dozens of tracks are now included and full of multiplayer intensity, the water looks even better than it did in the first one and the aerials have gotten even bigger. For anyone who is looking for fast, fun and powering on some hyper jets for turbo will really enjoy this game. To try Riptide GP2 click here: Google Playstore - Riptide GP2

3. EA FIFA 2014

This is by far my favorite game, and I’m biased because of playing the sport for 18+ years and the act it was free during the thanksgiving holiday. The gameplay reminds me of FIFA 2010 or maybe FIFA for the Nintendo Wii as far as graphics and game play is with a virtual stick and 3 buttons that can also be used in different combination patterns. I recommend this game if you are looking for a soccer game, to which you can also play against someone in a multiplayer match over local WiFi. To play Fifa 2014 click here: Google Playstore - EA Fifa 2014

2. Need For Speed Most Wanted

This racing game has some pretty amazing graphics and great gameplay, I mean the car damage and wreckage of police cars makes it worth the purchase. Then using the turbo will also get you into some trouble that brings the intensity to all new levels that other racing games cant even compare to. To play Need For Speed click here, Google Playstore - Need For Speed, Most Wanted

1. SuperN64 With Mario Kart

Ok so this is a bit of a cheat but nevertheless it is the best game arguably of this generation, Mario Kart on the Nintendo 64 is a cult classic. The good thing about this is it’s quite easy to set up, first thing you need to do is install the SuperN64 and then use Google to search for the N64 Mario Kart Rom, and you will find plenty of sources to download it.

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