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5 Tech Cities To Visit That Are Shaping The World

Let's take a look some of the cities that are shaping the future with the help of technology.

5 Tech Cities To Visit That Are Shaping The World

TECH CITY-- The world may have been considered a big place at one time, but with the rapid growth in life that technology is bringing billions around the world is making it seem just a tad bit smaller than first thought. Whether it’s trying to honestly grasp the concept of how big this universe really is or having to the worlds information in a handset in your pocket, the world feels as connected as it ever has.

Major cities in every country are springing up a new look and feel with more and more technological influences shaping the very essence of how they will continue to prosper on operate into the future. What are some of the best tech cities around the world? Lets take a look at a few of the cities in which the electricity and WiFi seem to be in abundance.

Tokyo, Japan

This shouldn't come to a surprise to anyone with Tokyo, Japan having made this list, that’s partially why I’m starting off with it. This city literally never sleeps and the night skies are lite up with “a whole galaxy of multi-colored uppers, downers, screamers, laughers…”, giving you a feeling of being in a Hunter S. Thompson story.  


It was reported that for just $50/month, a user can get internet connection speeds that average 2Gbps. As a very progressive and respectful country, Tokyo has been leading the pack in both culture and technology to be the most futuristic city in the world.

San Francisco, USA

Silicon Valley may be known as the area in which mega tech corporation like Google and Apple reside, but times have been hanging as of late. Though San Francisco has always been the most progressive city in America, only in the past 10 years has the tech industry had a major impact on the city.


With great food, clean public transportation and a beautiful cityscape, San Francisco is a great place for any gook, nerd or hipster who loves a fresh tech vibing city. This city by the sea is the hub of the IT world and growing with more and more startup companies based in the technology sector.

London, UK

When the 2012 Summer Olympics were based in London, an investment was put into the cities public transportation, infrastructure and living areas. Now that the event has concluded the city is continuing to grow and startup companies are moving in.


Though the weather has it’s moments, there is something about seeing architecture from the past intertwined with architecture of the future makes the scene feel as a dream. Not only is the technology sector growing in London, but the city is considered by most as to being the most culturally diversified location in the world.

Singapore city, Singapore

Another popular cities in Asia that has a strong technological presence is Singapore city in Singapore. Major tech corporation have been present since the 1990’s such as, IBM, Fiji and Microsoft, but the real highlight to this city is the internet. The Singapore Government gives all their citizens free high speed internet, while most people are still paying well over $40 a month for a sub par connection in the states.


The one thing that may get on drivers erves is their toll fees, as they are determined by how much time you are actually on the road and not per drive, and you thought traffic was bad where you lived.

Silicon Valley, USA

To be fair I almost didn't stick this on the list but I figured some of the original techies out their would have a heart attack. As we know tech companies are famous for residing in the otherwise quite valley, Google, Apple, Facebook, Ebay, Intel and Sun Microsystems are just some of the big dogs that have their HQ there.


Though the area is mainly for the bigger tech corporations these days, as San Francisco is a more ideal area for startups and the progressive thinking individuals who enjoy the cultured city life.

What city do you most want to visit based on the technological offerings it has? In 20 years what city do you think will be the most advanced city in the world? Leave your thoughts below and share it with your friends and see what they think the most technological city is in the world.

Jonathan Parkinson: Jonathan covers Technology & Sports related topics from around the world, whether it’s through his writing or YouTube videos. A Chromebook dual booted with Crouton is his daily tool in getting his work done, and Elementary OS is his favorite Linux desktop to date.

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