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6 sexually bizarre fetishes, did you make the list?

Fetishes, what would we do without those bizarre, crazy and straight up kinky urges some people can’t resist.
6 sexually bizarre fetishes, did you make the list?

Fetishes, what would we do without those bizarre, crazy and straight up kinky urges some people can’t resist. The life of some of the most outlandish fetishes can have someone living a double life, while some people get completely absorbed and take it on as a new way of living. Let’s take a look at some of the fetishes that help drive the world many of us will never experience, yet you still find yourself curious enough to see if your fetish has made list of '6 sexually bizarre fetishes'.


Fetish#1: Yiffing

Who hasn't been to an amusement park and seen furries walking around, well they might not be the furries that are Yiffing but you get the idea. This ‘playful’ fetish is all about furries who love sexual encounters while acting as an almost RPG like character. Yiffling parties and Bbq’s have been reported in the news as recently as last July up in new Jersey, so the next time you see Mickey Mouse you might just want to give him a fist bump instead of a full body bear hug.

Fetish#2: Autonepiophilia

While most people wouldn't mind having a bit of extra power, there are those who want nothing more than to be a baby again. Adults, statistically proven mostly as males in their late 30’s are usually the ones for this fetish, with diaper changing, drinking from a bottle and being hand fed with a spoon as only some of the activities involved in Autonepiophilia. I don't know if I could come to bring myself to cry over spilt milk, but I have seen my fair share of drunk people that might as well be a baby. They would be perfect for the individual who enjoys being the ‘adult’ in autonepiophilia.

Fetish#3: Cake Farts

It’s true, there is a fetish out there for just about everyone and this is no exception. A cake fart is when a woman squats over a cake naked and farts on the cake, not just any fart, but a full contact, frosting splattering fart. I have heard of certain fruits making the fetish list, but I think this one takes the frosting.

Fetish#4: Apotemnophilia

This might be one of hardest ones for me to wrap my head around, the sexual desire in wanting to become an amputee. I can understand a bit more on how ‘Aptemnophilia’ works, which is the sexual desire to be with an amputee, but to actually want to be one is kinda messed up to put it as nice as possible. There is a lot of people out there that enjoy self mutilation for whatever reason, but I don’t think they ever intend to remove body parts to get an arousal unless you are an extremist.

Fetish#5: Beasitality

Yes there are people who think they are the king of the jungle and then there are those other people that want  have sex with the jungle. Beastiality are those who want and enjoy having sex with an animal, most notably farm animals such as cows which have been reported in the past. In ‘Clerks 2’, the movie refers to a Donkey Show, which is a woman having sex with male donkey, this is one of those fabled tales you hear about in visiting Tijuana, Mexico.

Fetish#6: Necrophilia

You always wonder who looks to make a career out of being an undertaker, well a necrophiliac might be some of those people. This fetish is the sexual arousal with dead corpse, and there have been cases of fresh graves being dug up and then the body getting sexually abused. The next time you look to make any funeral plans, you might want to pick your morgue wisely or at least pick the best looking mortician.

These fetishes are only a tip of the iceberg and I can guarantee there are plenty of underground bizarre fetishes people have come up with to drive their sexual experience to another level. What kind of fetishes have you heard about, did your fetish make the list? Leave a comment below with what fetish you think to be the most bizarre one out there, even if it hasn't made the list.

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