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8 Things You Never Knew About Marvel's The Avengers

Or maybe you did, but we didn't.
8 Things You Never Knew About Marvel
Photo Credit: Marvel

In anticipation of The Avengers sequel which will be in theaters before we know it, here are some of our favorites from a list of facts that has collected that we never knew about its predecessor.  For instance:

1. Who Invited Thor?

If you saw the first Thor movie, then you know that the Bifrost bridge, the method by which Asgardians could get to Earth, was destroyed, hence why Thor couldn’t get back to Jane.  Yet, he shows up on Earth in The Avengers - how?

2. Lou Ferrigno Voiced the Hulk

Well, not entirely.  Mark Ruffalo (the best damn Hulk we’ve ever seen, we’d like to note) provided the speaking voice of the Hulk, while Lou Ferrigno, (the Hulk from the ‘70s television series) provided the grunts, growls and other noises.

3. The line “Avengers Assemble” Was Used, Even if Not in the Film

A popular line throughout the comic series, the line “Avengers Assemble” was never used in the film.  However, when actor Chris Evans (Steve Rogers/Captain America) wanted to hang out with his cast mates, he would text this line to them - so it was alive and well amongst the Avengers, even if it never made it to the screen.

4. Cobie Smulders Was Recommended By a Famous Friend

Alyson Hannigan, who had worked with director Joss Whedon on, amongst other things, his hugely successful television show, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and who also worked with Cobie Smulders on the recently ended sitcom How I Met Your Mother, suggested her Mother co-star Smulders for the role of Maria Hall.  Obviously, Whedon listened.

5. Samuel L. Jackson Has Reprised His Role Four Times

The very definition of cool, Samuel L. Jackson, has played the role of Nick Fury in a nearly unprecedented number of superhero films (Thor [uncredited], Captain America: The First Avenger, Iron Man [uncredited], Iron Man 2, and Marvel’s The Avengers).  It is also rumored that he will be starring in the lead role in the film Nick Fury.  The only other actor who has amassed this many films while playing the same superhero?  Hugh Jackman (James “Logan” Howlett/“Wolverine” of the X-Men series).

6. Marvel’s The Avengers is the Highest Grossing Superhero Film Ever

That’s right - it even made more money overall than 2008’s The Dark Knight, Heath Ledger’s final film.  (Further proving that Marvel films surpass DC films in every way, but I digress.)

7. Pepper Potts Wasn’t Supposed to Appear in the Film

Gwyneth Paltrow’s character from the Iron Man films was not initially supposed to appear in The Avengers, however Iron Man himself, Robert Downey, Jr., insisted on her being added to the script.  Incidentally, because she appeared in The Avengers, Pepper was ultimately given more screen time in the subsequent film Iron Man 3.

8. Robert Downey, Jr.: Have Food, Will Travel

Apparently, Robert Downey, Jr. would bring his own food to the set.  So anytime you see Tony Stark eating in the film, that’s food that Downey Jr. actually brought with him.  The story goes that no one on set could figure out where he was stashing it, so whenever he ate on camera, they just let it happen.

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