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A Revenge Win For Manchester United As They Beat Leicester City 3-1

A Revenge Win For Manchester United As They Beat Leicester City 3-1
"Old Trafford inside 20060726 1" by André Zahn (Wikipedia)

MUFC-- Well it looks like the stars are back in alignment as Manchester United took care of Leicester City with relative ease. Both Robin Van Persie and Radamel Falcao scored the opening goals, which is a much delight to the MUFC fans. Wayne Rooney was also apart of a goal to which he put in a corner kick that glance of Daly Blind and into Leicester Cities Wes Morgan for an own goal.

Robin Van Persie's goal looked to be a tad offsides, but the clinical finish will drown out some of the moans from opposing fans. However Falcao did what a striker is suppose to do, get stuck in there and make something happen. Robin Van Persie played a ball to the top left of the box from center field onto a galloping Angel Di Maria who had a shot on target only to be denied by goalkeeper Schwartzer, the deflection though was primed for Falcao to slide in along with 2 Leicester City players only to favor the Red Devils in making it 2-0.

Once the 3rd goal was put in via own goal, Manchester United opened up the second half just as the finished the first, with complete ball control. Leicester City did manage to score a goal from a chip in from the right side of the box near goal line, but by that point is was far too late. Last time the 2 teams met at King Power Stadium back in September revealed a stunning result, as United were up 3-1 to only have the upset shock the EPL in losing 3-5. Every dog has their day, but one lucky win does not constitute an EPL winner, let alone assurance your team will not be regulated to a lower division.

Notably it looks as if Wayne Rooney has been pushed back a bit to play just behind both RVP and Falcao and he looked at home. This could be a sign of things to come and if I say so personally, I think it’s a good place for him as his speed isn’t what it was, but he can definitely shoot from outside the box with ease. As it stands at this moment Manchester United are in 3rd place in the EPL while Leicester City is in dead last. However Southhampton still needs to play their match against Swansea City tomorrow and are only 1 point behind with a game in hand.

Next up for Manchester United is Cambridge City in the FA Cup on February 3rd and then back into an EPL fixture against a bigger and more physical West Ham on February 8th. After that the schedule lightens up a bit with some mid table teams until March 15th when the Red Devils host Tottenham Hotspurs who are currently in 5th place in the English Premier League.

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