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A Review of the Trailer for "Dumb and Dumber, To"

A Review of the Trailer for "Dumb and Dumber, To"


It’s here - the day we’ve all been waiting for!  Dumb and Dumber, To trailer day!  So, is it everything we’d hoped it would be and more?  Well, let’s dissect it, shall we?

We open at a mental hospital - no surprise there.  Though, what may perhaps be surprising is that the story essentially picks up where Dumb and Dumber left off - as in, Lloyd (Jim Carrey) is still apparently pining for Mary Swanson (Lauren Holly), and Harry (Jeff Daniels) has been visiting Lloyd in said mental hospital for “almost two decades”, visiting his friend who wound up there over, supposedly, his broken heart and reminding us that it has been two decades since the first movie came out (if we didn’t feel old before...).

However, Harry soon finds out that Lloyd duped him, and that he’s been faking being catatonic for the entirety of his hospital stay - joke’s on you, Harry!  Lloyd tells him they can’t leave until he has his catheter removed - no problem for Harry, since he yanks Lloyd out of his wheelchair by said catheter.  Yep, it’s going to be that kind of movie.

Upon Lloyd’s release, Harry takes him back to their old home where Lloyd meets the new residential housepet - Butthole, the cat - named as such for, well, his large butthole.  Remembering the “pretty bird” from the first movie makes us worry about what kind of fate is in store for that cat.

What follows is a montage of much humping and (enter plot) a postcard from Freda Felcher to Harry from 1991 (three years before the first film’s release) telling him that he’s going to be a father.  Only thing is, Freda gave the kid, a daughter, up for adoption, and upon Lloyd’s seeing her picture, he is immediately smitten (does this give anyone else the creeps as a reminder of that time when Carrey did that “was it a joke/was it not?” video to Emma Stone?) and suggests that he and Harry “track her down.”

Gags then, of course, ensue, both old (Lloyd spraying Bonaka to the side of his mouth), and new (the duo lighting fireworks in someone’s hotel bedroom), and even the Mutts Cutts van is back, clearing hills like we’re back in Speed.  Someone (assumedly Lloyd) also paints himself up to blend in with a vending machine, which we’re not sure why, and yet we’re already laughing. 

The best scene in the trailer, though, is the next-to-last one, in which Harry calls his daughter’s cell phone, which Lloyd then answers, and while Harry thinks he’s talking to his daughter, Lloyd tells everyone he needs to take the call because it’s his “dead dad.”

A scene we could have done without and are not looking forward to?  The final scene in the trailer, in which Lloyd somewhat accidentally ends up in the vice grip of an old lady’s vagina.  Upon removing his hand, he blows off smoke.  Yeahhh, we could have done without that visual.

Harry has aged convincingly, while Lloyd’s hairdo just does not work anymore, not with Carrey’s much-more-adult face.  And yes, it’s stupid, but hello - read the title!  It’s supposed to be dumb, which is actually pretty genius, because to call the sequel “dumb” would be to give it a compliment - or, more appropriately, to just call it like it is.  But who are we kidding?  We’re still going to see it.

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