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A Valentines Day Gone Wrong

A Valentines Day Gone Wrong

LOVE LOST-- Every year during the month of February there are a lot of hearts, flowers and chocolates that go around between couples that are in love around the world. The mass marketing to “show how much you care” by spending a nice chunk of money on a new diamond ring for example may be a bit excessive for most. However showing you care doesn't have to start with a $ sign followed by a few too many digits. Now of course if you have the means to buy your loved one something special, and you want to that then do it, no one should tell you how to express your love, in whatever way that may be.

However, for those of you that may have been expecting a bit more from a loved one this year, here is story about someone I know who went through a bad Valentines Day experience. A quick story that should make you appreciate your significant other, even if they forgot what happens on February 14th. To make things as anonymous as possible, I will label each person as “Person A” &” Person B” to keep the details limited to those that actually matter.

The night was coming to an end and tomorrow was making out to be the start of a day filled with plenty of butterfly moments as Person A was looking forward to another Valentines Day with Person B. As most nights go, Person B works at a bar and doesn't get home until a later time, usually around 2am, while Person A works during the day.

While Person A was waiting up at home, they jump onto the shared computer that both use, in which Person A see that a Google Hangout session has been left open, one which has Person B speaking with who we will now call Person C. Upon glancing through it, it was clear to see that Person B has been cheating on Person A with Person C since around Christmas time. Hopefully that isn't too confusing.

How this all came about ”likely” is the fact Person B works with Person C at the bar, so having worked in the restaurant/bar industry myself when I was younger, I can see how this scenario evolved into what it is today. Now let’s try to imagine what it must be like for Person A to find out this information on their own, the night before the public lovefest that is Valentines Day. Person A and Person B have been dating for 7+ years, they have built a foundation together with house payments, car payments, insurance policies, the full 5 and a half yards. Given they are not married nor have any children to put through an obvious troubling time, there is some positive light in the bigger picture.

So if you are upset with a loved one over some materialistic reason on Valentines Day or any other special occasion which you may share with a significant other, remember the other 364 days a year. Also take into account that they have committed themselves to you and haven't decided to pick one of the 7 billion other people that are available on this planet, you are that special to them, even if you may have expected a bit more on a mass marketed day that attempts to convince you that the more you spend the more you care.

This story was told from a 3rd party perspective.

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