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Acer C710 Vs Acer C720- A Google Chromebook Comparison

Taking a solid look at the Acer Chromebook C710 Vs the Acer Chromebook C720

Acer C710 Vs Acer C720- A Google Chromebook Comparison

CHROMEBOOK-- There is no doubt that the fad that was the whole Google Chromebook lineup is infact no fad at all. Recently I decided it was time to purchase another Chromebook since my beloved Acer c710 was getting a bit sluggish and outdated. Don’t get me wrong it is still going to be used on a daily basis since it contains 320GB of storage space in which I can backup my files and edit multiple videos at once without worrying about space. After thinking about it for a few days I went ahead and picked up the Acer c720 due to my liking of the previous model.


When it comes to design it’s no secret that the entire Acer Chromebook Lineup is a bit ‘rough’ around the edges, but don’t let the looks fool you. Both devices are similar in color, however the Acer c720 is a bit darker with the word ‘Chrome’ painted on instead of being a hard emblem embedded. Also the Acer logo is off to the side instead of being directly in the center of the Chromebook. The screen sizes are the same even though the newer model(c720) is definitely of higher quality and doesn't have that warm color tint to the screen.

One of the standout design changes comes to the keyboard in removing the delete key and the caps lock key and replacing it with the power button and search key as most all Chromebooks have. The keys themselves are laid out in similar fashion, although the area in which you rest your palms on either side of the trackpad is slightly longer(about a ½ inch). Speaking of the trackpad, the only difference I have noticed so far is the ability to click(press down on the trackpad) in the upper regions of the new c720, whereas the older c710 could only be clicked on the lower portion.

One last note to point out is the new Acer c720 is noticeably thinner when closed and held like a notebook. The screen is closer to the main portion of the Chromebook as well, making the device a little more sturdy, though it does lose a few degrees in how far the screen can go back, where the Acer c710 could almost go completely flat.


To me this is the most important part of my Chromebook as I am an heavy user(extremely heavy) and require the installation of Crouton(Ubuntu) as a dual booting OS alongside Chrome OS. My first ACer Chromebook(c710) was equipped with the 4gb of RAM most users drool for it seems, however the newer Acer c720 is supporting the new Haswell Intel based chip. Well I can honestly say even with 2GB of Ram less than the c710, the newest Acer was faster in all aspects, the real test aws rendering some video content.

Now the real drawback if I had to point at one in the new Acer c720, it would have to be the storage space. Though there are plenty of TUT’s online on how to replace the current 32 or 16 GB of SSD with a size of your choice. It will require you to void your warranty though, but for $200 I think it could be worth it if you do in fact need it. I suggest using a micro USB storage stick instead, as it doesn't stick out to far and you can even have it clip onto your keys if you are a traveling circus like me.


Right now I am waiting for a 4-5 part YouTube series to finish rendering and upload, but once that is done you can check out my video review. In the review I will discuss boot times, Octane scored and of course running Crouton(Ubuntu) along with a few other details. The links will be published right below here once they have become available. Remember to subscribe!

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