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Actor Spotlight and Hottie of the Week: Rick Worthy

Hottie of the Week & Actor Spotlight: Rick Worthy

Actor Spotlight and Hottie of the Week: Rick Worthy
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You know his face and you recognize his voice, how could you not its very unique and not to mention sexy, but you’ve seen him in so much you can’t place exactly what it is you recognize him from. Well let us help you out a little bit as you’ve probably seen Rick Worthy in one of the following shows: The Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, NCIS, Castle, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Battlestar Galactica, Medium, Fallen, Eyes, CSI: Miami, Felicity among many, many others.

Whether you have found the specific show you recognize him from or not we promise you that you have no seen the last of this talented actor.

Rick Worthy is what has commonly been referred to as a, “character actor,” but this isn’t why we have chosen him for our actor spotlight. As per our requirements our spotlights are shined on those actors who deserve it not just for their incredible acting talents but for their involvement with their fans and Rick Worthy is one of the most fan friendly actors we’ve ever showcased and also one of our nicest Hotties of the Week.

Ever attended a Supernatural convention or gone on Twitter? If you have you know how accessible Rick is for his fans. This incredibly talented, not to mention, sexy actor makes sure to keep his fans involved in everything he does. He gives them the attention and the time they want. Whether it be a Tweet or a direct message Rick makes sure his fans know they are loved. This is something rare in Hollywood these days, as it seems fans are becoming more vapid and demanding of their favorite celebrities.

For Supernatural fans specifically Rick Worthy is something incredibly special. When the actor first appeared on the show as the Alpha Vampire fans were instantly hooked. He claimed that role and made it something magical. Fans found that rather than rooting against the very first vampire they were rooting for him to survive and even hoped that he would show up again to face down our favorite hunters, Sam and Dean Winchester.

Now fans are clamoring at the bit to have him return to the series and be invited back as a guest to the Salute to Supernatural conventions. Twitter campaigns have been set in place to encourage Adam Malin, co-founder of Creation Entertainment, to invite Rick to every convention scheduled for 2014. What makes Rick so incredibly special to his fans is that he makes them feel as though they are his friends, not just people who like watching him on their favorite television shows. This is one of the many reasons we’ve chosen Rick as our new actor spotlight and as our Hottie of the Week. Yes, that’s right we are, for the first time-ever, combining two categories. Why? Because Rick is just that worthy (pun intended) of the both titles! 

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