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Actor Spotlight: William Shatner

Spotlight on William Shatner

Actor Spotlight: William Shatner

Have no fear everyone the Captain is in! We love showcasing some of our favorite actors here at Dudley Media Group, actors whom we know our readers love and of course actors that we can’t get enough of. We’ve showcased the likes of Ty Olsson, Norman Reedus among others but this week we felt the need to showcase one of our all-time favorites, Captain James T. Kirk himself, William Shatner.

Seriously what can’t be said about this incredible talent who has broken the mold of what a cult phenomenon is. Shatner shot into stardom when he took on the role of possibly the most famous ship captain in the world, James T. Kirk on the hit science fiction series, Star Trek. The sci-fi series is one that has absolutely withstood the test of time as the fans remain just as loyal as they were when the series and movies first came out many years ago.

The thing that stands out to us so much about Shatner is that no matter what he is doing in his career, whether playing iconic ship Captains, boldly going where no man has gone before, hosting a television series that involves real-life 911 emergencies to helping people get better traveling deals, he does so with poise and passion.

It seems like there isn’t anything Shatner can’t do in the entertainment industry. He has gone from science fiction to comedy, drama, horror, you name it he seems to have down pat and it makes us envious of his impeccable skills. Shatner’s resume includes credits such as: Hot in Cleveland, Escape from Planet Earth, Rookie Blue, Psych, $#*! My Dad Says, Boston Legal., Over the Hedge, The Practice among many others, far too many to list without turning this article into a ten-page paper.

Shatner’s acting skills are not all that we find so incredible and fascinating about this wonderful man, what we love about him and all the actors we showcase, is how devoted they are to their fans. Despite his one-million followers on Twitter, Shatner responds to his followers as best as he can and goes above and beyond for them. Furthermore, we find it absolutely awesome that he is as much of a Supernatural fan as we are tweeting both Jared Padalecki, who plays Sam Winchester, and Misha Collins, who plays Castiel. It is so humbling to see actors we’ve admired, “fanboying,” over shows we also love. Furthermore, Shatner still attends conventions to give his fans that face-to-face time they have been wanting ever since they first saw him on their television sets. What more do you want from an actor showcased on our site?

Mr. Shatner thank you for being the awesome, talented and kind-hearted person you are…we salute you!

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