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Actors Who Were Drunk On Set

If you ever thought actors were doing too good of a job acting drunk, or if you've wondered how they could possibly get through making such a crappy film, the answer is simple: booze.
Actors Who Were Drunk On Set
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Even actors sometimes need liquid courage to get through a tough situation.  In their case, it’s often to get through a sex scene, or because the scene in which they are starring calls for them to be drunk, and they think it will lend a sense of realism to the role if they imitate life and get drunk for real.

Here’s a few famous film scenes during which you may not have realized that the actors were actually wasted.

Fight Club

Scene: Golfing

Who was drunk?: Edward Norton and Brad Pitt

Deets: Remember the scene when the Narrator (Norton) and Tyler Durden (Pitt) were hitting golf balls off of a cliff and banging them against something off-screen that you knew just had to be some form of trouble-making?  As it turns out, the actors were doing this while drunk in real life, and director David Fincher decided to add it into the film.  He gave them a few lines, and rolled the cameras.  Oh, and that sound you’re hearing?  That was the sound of the golf balls hitting the side of the catering truck that was parked on set.

Wild Things

Scene: Threesome

Who was drunk?: Neve Campbell, Denise Richards, and Matt Dillon

Deets: For their famous threesome sex scene, the three actors passed around a bottle of tequila before they got down to their dirty business.

Bad Santa

Scene: Most of them

Who was drunk?: Billy Bob Thornton

Deets: This was a case of being as drunk as possible to make the role as believable as possible.  Thornton was reported as saying that he couldn’t really be “sort of drunk” going into it.  He felt he had to go all or nothing in order to properly pull off the “bad Santa.”

Apocalypse Now

Scene: Opening scene

Who was drunk?: Martin Sheen

Deets: This scene, in which Captain Williard is alone in a hotel room, was entirely unscripted, and Sheen was entirely toasted.  He told the crew to keep the cameras rolling on him, and then went completely nuts.  For one thing, he smashed a mirror and, while bleeding all over himself, tried to attack the director, Francis Ford Coppola.  By this point, the crew was sufficiently freaked out, and they wanted to call an end to the scene, but Coppola instructed them to keep filming.  For a film that took such a heavy toll on its cast and crew with its grueling material and schedule, Sheen’s behavior should really come as no surprise.

Super Mario Bros.

Scene: Many?

Who got drunk?: Bob Hoskins and John Leguizamo

Deets: Apparently, you were the only one who thought this stinker sucked.  During filming, according to Leguizamo in his 2007 autobiography, he and Hoskins realized that the movie was going to be so bad, they needed to get drunk just to get through filming it!  Hoskins has made no secret of his hatred for the film either, calling it the “worst thing” he has ever done in his career.  With all of the crappy videogame movies that came after this dud (and those that continue to get made), you’d think filmmakers would have learned their lesson.  Leave the games alone!

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