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Actors Who've Nearly Died on Set

The entertainment business can be a dangerous one indeed.
Actors Who
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Some actors, like Christian Bale, are such hardcore method actors that they will literally put their own lives in danger or futzing with their faces in an attempt to more fully embody the characters they play.  Other actors, like those on this list, have had the unfortunate experience of being put in harm’s way in dangerous, even potentially fatal, situations simply by trying to do their job. 

More often than not, the movies these actors nearly die for turn out to be flops anyway.  Did anyone die (or come close to death) filming The Shawshank Redemption?  Or Citizen Kane?  But Leo DiCaprio almost got eaten by a shark for Blood Diamond, and Johnny Depp nearly bit the big one for The Lone Ranger.  Now those would have been crazy tragedies.

Here are a few other actors who ended up in peril but lived to tell the tale.  Just another day at the office, eh?

Isla Fisher

Borat’s (Sacha Baron Cohen) real-life wife, actress Isla Fisher, experienced her first near-death experience when she nearly drowned while filming a scene for Now You See Me.  In a real-life account of every actor’s worst nightmare, the crew thought she was just acting her ass off when she was really trying to escape the tank of water she was in that was part of a scene involving a magic trick.  Her chain had ended up getting stuck, and it wasn’t until she was able to locate the quick-release switch (about three minutes later) that she was able to free herself, with a stuntman’s aid when he realized what was happening.

Jaimie Alexander

Alexander suffered a serious fall down a metal staircase in the rain, which could have disfigured her for life, while on the set of Thor: The Dark World.  She wasn’t doing any kind of crazy stunt - just walking down the staircase - when she slipped and fell, resulting in the following injuries: slipped spinal disc, 11 chipped vertebrae, dislocation of her left shoulder, torn rhomboid on her left side.  Everyone say it together: Ouch!  She kept her fans posted of her condition, which has steadily improved since the incident to the point where she can wear heels again.

Jason Statham

It probably comes as less of a surprise that action-man Statham would come close to death, given the level and number of stunts he has performed over the years, though the way in which he almost met his maker may surprise you.  Like Fisher, Statham nearly drowned on the set of The Expendables 3.  Not a decimating explosion or a death-defying leap from a building - drowning.  And it wasn’t even from being held underwater, like Fisher was.  Statham was driving a struck when his brakes failed and he plunged into the Black Sea.  His co-star, Terry Crews, called Statham a “true, bad dude” when Statham emerged from the sinking truck and swam to the top just in time for the truck to disappear.  Righteous.

Halle Berry

At least the other actors would have died doing movies we had heard of.  Berry knocked herself out cold when she fell and hit her head on a concrete floor while filming a fight sequence for The Hive (also known as The Call).  (“Huh?  What movie?”  I know.)  She was rushed to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, but thankfully turned out to be just fine.

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