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Alec Baldwin Unleashes on Irritating Paparazzo

Alec Baldwin truly hates the paparazzi. While numerous celebrities, like Kanye West, are often caught up in scuffles with the annoying photographers, Alec seems to make it a regular sport. You have to admit, for an older guy, Alec is still pretty tough.

The new daddy was clearly not in the mood to have his picture taken. It seems like every time he steps out of his fancy apartment building in New York City, the world knows about it via a member of the paparazzi. Why is it news when the actor takes his dog for a walk to do its business? There is some invisible line the media has crossed and it is a little scary.

Obviously, Alec has his good days and bad days with the paparazzi and he can usually ignore them or simply glare at them. Today, he must have been feeling a little grumpy and couldn’t quite control himself. Maybe it is the lack of sleep he is sure to be suffering from with a new baby in the house. Whatever the case, the dude that happened to be in Alec’s path today felt his wrath. Or felt a car, rather.

Today, Alec and his wife, Hilaria, were trying to enjoy a moment together, but the paparazzo who has been identified as Paul Adao wouldn’t let them be. It seems Adao has a bit of a thing for the Baldwins and is the only photographer brave enough, or maybe dumb enough, to get within striking range of the actor. Another photographer says Alec’s temper is well-known within the paparazzi circles and they all keep their distance.

After today’s little scuffle, maybe Adao will. Or not. Look how much press he is getting for getting his butt kicked by Alec. His name is in the media and his website has probably gotten thousands of hits as curious people try and learn more about the guy who managed to get slammed up against a car by the 55-year-old actor.

The new mommy looked absolutely distraught as she watched her hubby defend her honor. According to onlookers, the scuffle happened after Alec got fed up with Adao stalking his family and taking pictures of Hilaria after she asked him to stop. It was her first time out in public since giving birth. It is understandable she was probably not really feeling in the mood for a photoshoot. Give the girl a break.

Since Adao continued to violate Hilaria’s space, Alec felt the need to take matters into his own hands. Again, onlookers say the photographer totally instigated the fight. He could have chosen to back off, but oh no, he kept snapping away. Seriously, how many pictures did he need of the couple? They weren’t doing anything too exciting.

Really, the match was pretty even. Alec is 55 and the photographer is 60. But, it is pretty obvious who was in better shape and more prepared to take down an attacker. Looks like Alec learned something during his younger years when he starred in a handful of action films. Isn’t it ironic that Alec is more famous for his comedic roles and yet, he is probably one of the grumpiest celebrities in the business. He must really be a great actor to fool everybody into thinking he is naturally funny.

Of course, when you put the whole thing into context, it is easy to see why the guy was getting ticked off. You can only be stalked and harassed for so long before you snap. The “30 Rock” actor has never been known for his patience, and the photographer essentially poked a bear in the belly with a stick. What did he think was going to happen? It is amazing Alec Baldwin showed as much restraint as he did. He simply put the guy into a car. He didn’t swing at him. He didn’t smash his camera into a million pieces or kick the guy in the shins really hard.

In the end, both guys walked away after each called the police. The adults decided to let it go and neither is pressing charges. Tomorrow is another day and it will be interesting to see if the same photographer continues to stalk Alec Baldwin and his wife. If they happen to have the new baby with them, things are likely to get really ugly.

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