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Alyssa Milano Target of Fat Jokes by Jay Mohr

Alyssa Milano fat shamed by Jay Mohr.
Alyssa Milano Target of Fat Jokes by Jay Mohr

Alyssa Milano has been a bit of a fitness guru her entire life. As a teen celebrity, she made workout videos and was the envy of nearly every teen girl in the world and desired by most of the guys. Her figure has been the subject of many a man’s dreams throughout the last 20 years or so. Apparently, Jay Mohr thinks Alyssa’s figure should stay the same as it was when she was 25. He felt the need to insult her, repeatedly, over her weight.

Alyssa got married and had a baby a while ago and like most ladies over the age of 40, she has held onto a few pounds. That is typically the sign of a woman happily married and enjoying her life. Jay Mohr’s comments make it sound like she has turned into a beached whale. The new mom is 41 and still looks pretty darn good. She recently posted pictures of herself wearing a bikini while on vacation with her husband and she looks good. She looks like a real woman who has had a baby and has crossed the line where the metabolism tends to slow down.

For whatever reason, Jay Mohr felt the need to insult Alyssa Milano’s weight after the two worked together at the NASCAR’s Sprint Cup Series awards in Las Vegas on December 6. Alyssa was on hand to present an award to Jimmie Johnson. Jay was hosting the event and doing his very best to be funny. It’s probably pretty tough when you can’t simply steal somebody else’s jokes like he has been accustomed to.

After the event, Jay Mohr went on a radio program to do an interview. He must have been out of material or just realized that nobody gives 2 cents about his own life so he decided to insult Alyssa Milano, repeatedly. He referred to her as “Melissa Milano” on a couple of different occasions. Was he trying to insult her by acting like he didn’t know her name or was he trying to say she looked similar to Melissa McCarthy?

The supreme jerk’s insults didn’t stop there, “It seems like she had a baby and said, ‘I don’t really give a s—’ ... I read it on her gut.” He made a comment that when she sat in her chair, she wasn’t wearing spanx and it was obvious. Jay Mohr just couldn’t let it go and when asked about her, he said, “She’s very tiny. In height.”

Here’s the thing, Jay Mohr isn’t exactly a skinny Minnie. He is rather rotund these days. Clearly, he feels like crap for his own weight gain, which has nothing to do with growing a human inside of his body for 9 months. He is insecure and acting like an 8-year-old. In order to keep people for making fun of him for being an overweight plagiarizing has been, he is pointing the finger at Alyssa Milano hoping nobody will say anything about him.

Alyssa Milano is on to his games and wasn’t about to get into a verbal war with him. She is much classier than that and took the high road. She responded to his comments via Twitter, “jaymohr So sorry you felt the need to publicly fat-shame me. Be well and God bless. Please send my love to your beautiful wife.” Alyssa’s fans quickly jumped to her defense as did her old “Charmed” co-star, Rose McGowan. Rose tweeted Alyssa, “What?! Do I need to kick someone’s ass?”

Guess that little incident blew up in his face. Some people will never learn.

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