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Amanda Bynes Out of Rehab, Heading to College

Amanda Bynes is home with her parents and making plans for her future.
Amanda Bynes Out of Rehab, Heading to College
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Amanda Bynes is out of rehab after spending four months in an inpatient program. She was taken to the hospital back in July and placed on a 5150 hold when it was determined she needed some serious help. The world watched as Amanda steadily declined over the past year with the last couple of months leaving people wondering if she would make it out alive. Her mother attempted to get conservatorship, but because of the seriousness of the case, the state took over and has control. However, Amanda’s mom has a say in her well-being and control over her finances.  

Amanda Bynes was treated for bi-polar disorder and schizophrenia. She was released from rehab into the custody of her parents and is continuing outpatient treatment. This is good news for her parents who Amanda had cut out of her life during the height of her illness. They tried to no avail to get her help, but it wasn’t until she started a fire in the driveway of somebody’s home that she was finally taken into custody.

The actress has been out of rehab for a while and is enjoying her new lease on life with her family by her side. An attorney for Amanda’s parents released a brief statement about her release and revealed the plans for her future. “She's very happy to reestablish the loving relationship with her family that she once shared,” the statement read. Her parents must be feeling a huge sense of relief they managed to save her and save her from becoming another statistic. Too many child stars are chewed up and spit out by the Hollywood machine and left completely damaged and unable to cope with life. Mental illness and drug addiction are common side effects for child actors who grow up in the business and end up with nothing after such a promising start.

The statement also revealed Amanda Bynes has some big plans for the future that do not include acting. Apparently, she wants to go to college and try her hand at becoming a fashion designer. It sounds as if she will be sticking around close to her parents’ home so they can keep an eye on her and she can continue her treatment plan. The attorney revealed Amanda was not quite capable of being out on her own yet and wouldn’t be for some time.

During Thanksgiving week, Amanda Bynes was spotted out shopping with her dad. Although the eyewitness reports the actress appears to have lost a little weight, she seemed to be in good spirits and enjoying her father’s company. A little retail therapy is always a good way to make somebody feel better.

For now, Amanda Bynes is staying off Twitter, but did talk with InTouch to say she is “doing great.” That is the best thing she can do right now. Her tweets before her forced rehab stay were erratic and showed just how close to the edge she was. While she continues to do well in California, back in New York she has some legal troubles to deal with still. She is supposed to be in court on January 7 for a progress check for the DUI she got. The attorney for the family also hinted the bong tossing case could be dropped this month as well considering the circumstances and Amanda’s illness.  

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