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Android Implements New "Auto Locking" Feature

Thieves be gone

Android Implements New "Auto Locking" Feature

ANDROID-- Life is looking to get a little more simpler for Android users as a new locking feature is being implemented. This has been reported to have been created to help deter thieves from stealing or at least attempting to steal ones smartphone. The automatic “smart lock” as it is being called by some will use the devices accelerometer to determine if a smartphone has been set down.

Once the Android phone and or tablet realizes the user has set down their device, then the smart-lock will enable. The official name given by Google, the creator of Android is called on-body detection. Now those that choose to not buy or use a wearable will still have a nice auto locking feature. Users who own a wearable will most likely have the opportunity to lock said device once you and your wearable move out of range.

Once the owner picks up their smartphone or tablet it will still remain locked and a passcode will need to be entered to unlock it. This is different than the bluetooth/wifi lock that Google implemented in Android 5.0 late last year. Google I/O is around the corner and more news and demonstrations should theoretically be showcased during the annual event.

The next feature I would like to be implemented at one point or another is something to help return a device to an owner. Travelers for example have a lot on their mind and plenty of things to remember when out and about, leaving a device behind or it simply falling out of a pocket is common. The problem is once a device is lost and a user finds it, it may be hard to find the owner to contact them, especially those devices off contract.

This is a step in the right direction though and as time goes on more and more features like this will become the norm. Let’s just hope companies don't patent everything under this umbrella, as security should not be owned but rather promoted.

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