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Android Tablet 101: Evernote, Productivity Made Easy On A Tablet

Android Tablet 101: Evernote, Productivity Made Easy On A Tablet

EVERNOTE-- Keeping organized can be made easier or the complete opposite in utilizing it through digital tools. Though with the need of using more than one app to do similar tasks can be daunting, this is where Evernote can help ease those pains. Evernote focuses on 5 main categories when it comes to making our everyday lives that much simpler, these categories are as follows,


Laptops can be a little big for meetings, but that doesn't mean you won't want to use it at some point after it has concluded. With Evernote you can record audio, take notes and have it all sync across every device you choose all from a small convenient tablet and/or smartphone. Once you get back to your laptop you can then elaborate on the notes, audio or images to took during the meeting.


Whether you are traveling for pleasure and/or for business, Evernote can help make keeping organized that much easier. Keep a journal, take notes on a said agenda or even forward important email correspondents. If you want to take it to the next step, premium users will have all these features available for offline use as well.


A cookbook is nice to keep in the kitchen but with the availability of all the recipes you want online, they have become more of a decorative item than one that is actually used. With Evernote you can keep all your recipes in one place, the best part is when you are on the road. Being over at a guests house who have made something you wouldn't mind taking a shot at cooking yourself, you can then jot down the recipe or have someone send it to you while away from your house on a tablet or smartphone which will then sync across all your devices. Take a photo of a menu item along with the finished product at a restaurant and have a crack at making it yourself at home thanks to having all the information saved to your Evernote account.


Find a great article online but you just don't have the time to read it? Well you can always save it to your Evernote account for later reading. Maybe you found something to read on your smartphone but the screen is too small, so save it and then open it up on your tablet when you are ready to enjoy it.


Even though the above examples are limited at one point of view such as using it for business, you can also change it up and find hundreds of other uses for it. Editing a school project, saving your work schedule or even collaborating with others is all just examples at the uses Evernote brings to the table.

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