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Android Tablet 101: Google Docs, The All-In-One Document Editor

Google Docs On Tablets Is Perfect

Android Tablet 101: Google Docs, The All-In-One Document Editor

TABLETS-- Writing, editing and all that hoopla has transitioned from being a pen and paper or typewriter method to an all digital one. Tablets are one of the most convenient way to carry around your work while still having a large enough workspace to actually be productive without the need of a full fledged computer. However when it comes to using the right application, it may not be as easy as choosing a tablet vs pen & paper.

This is where Google steps in with one of its best applications to date, Google docs. This application is available for free on Android tablets and smartphones, iOS devices and of course the Google Chrome Browser. As a matter of fact, I am writing this article on it right now, along with all the past articles of mine. There are many features that make this perfect for tablets, since this article is in fact focusing on tablets.

Automatic Saving

Formating Tools


Spell Check

Research Words/Terms

Word Count


Add-Ons(way too many to list)







Table of Contents

Publish to the web


Save in many formats

and more!

As you can see from this quick and easy list that is in no way shape or form the only features, that Google docs can meet your Android tablet needs when it comes to dealing with documents. Best of all, it is compatible with such other platforms as Microsoft Word in both opening and sending compatible files.

One of the most under utilized features though is going to be the add-ons, the list is constantly growing too. User Uber Conference to collabe in real time with others, chat, leave notes, edit and more are all made easier with this add-on. Whether you are using Google Docs for school, work or something else, this has been a game changer for my writing lifestyle in more ways than one.

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