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Android Tablet 101: Google Drive Cloud Storage

Secure your files in the cloud and never fear losing your data if you misplace you tablet and or smartphone

Android Tablet 101: Google Drive Cloud Storage

GOOGLE-- Chances are if you have an Android based tablet you will be using Google’s Drive Cloud Storage to keep your personal data, files and more safe. With 15GB of free storage for every new Google account, which you will get once you sign up for a Gmail, is a great way to test the cloud to see if Google’s Drive is right for you.

Photos, stories, videos, designs, drawings, recordings and more are all forms of personal data types the Google indicates can be stored on its cloud servers. Once your files are uploaded then you can access them anytime from your Android tablet or any other device that you are signed into. Devices include those that are running iOS, Windows, Mac and Linux so pretty much every platform, though you may need to use the Chrome browser on a PC to access them until official support by Google is implemented.

Files saved within a Google Drive account can be shared across the web with total control. Using a link a particular user can use it to access a file you have in your cloud, or it can be a link you place somewhere on the web where anyone who clicks it can view or edit the file it is linked too. You can then see a list of who has accessed the file listed in chronological order, some users can edit files,view them or just comment depending on how you decided to share it to them.

The plans are as follows in a per month price plan, however if you buy a Google Chromebook you will get 100GB of free cloud storage for 2 years.

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Google Drive For Android

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