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Android Tablet 101: Google Keep, Note Taking Made Easy

Android Tablet 101: Google Keep, Note Taking Made Easy

TABLET-- Some of us can remember when remember the things life has to off or what we need to get from the store by using a physical notepad. Long gone are those days and the digital times we live in today has made this task even easier. Google Keep is a note taking app that is both simple looking and extremely easy to use.

Think of the yellow post it notes, except this time all your notes are available on all devices in which you are signed into on, such as your Android Tablet. Not only is it easy to have the things you want to remember synced across all your devices, but that bland yellow color is just one of many to choose from. The fun doesn't stop there and the simplicity gets even simpler with the other features Google Keep offers.

Even if we manage to take a note with something we want to remember the next time we are out running errands, it’s remembering to check your Google Keep that may cause a problem. Don’t worry though because Google Keep has your back with automatic reminders, with by date/time or by location. You may not go to a local hardware store all that often, but the next time you do and you needed to remember to pick up more screws for a project, the location reminder can be a lifesaver.

Taking notes with others is also a feature that is available on by using Google Keep, have you and friend or 5 all use the same Google Keep note. Then once you have finished with that particular note or any note for that matter on Google Keep, archive it for a later use. Better yet, add a label to a single note and make organizing the things you need to remember even easier.

Download Google Keep For Android Tablets & Smartphone with the link below.

Google Keep

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