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Android Tablet 101: The Best Of The Best (Part 1)

Android applications for your tablet

Android Tablet 101: The Best Of The Best (Part 1)

TABLET-- Who doesn't love having a bigger screen to utilizes our daily tasks on, this is just one of the many reasons as to why tablets caught on so fast. Having owned a few tablets on top of mt fair share of “phablet” sized smartphones, a tablet is more convenient for those that are truly invested into the digital lifestyle.

Productivity is one of the major benefactors as to why owning a tablet is so nice, the problem though then becomes on what application is best suited for your needs. Here is part 1 of hopefully many more parts to come that will be based on getting the most of that productivity via a tablet. This will be done in a list format, then when an article supporting something on the list has been created, it will be linked to it from here, as a kind of home base.


Today Calendar

Google Calendar

Business Calendar

Touch Calendar


Go Calendar


Note Taking:



Google Keep

Classic Notes


Microsoft OneNote



Bedside Clocks:

Kaloer Clock

Night Clock

Wake Voice




FM Player


Podcast Addict


Stitcher For Podcasts

Image Editing:

AutoDesk Pixlr

Adobe Lightroom Mobile

BeFunky Photo Editor Lab

Photo Editor by Avery

Photoshop Touch

PicsArt Photo Studio

Rage Comics Photo Editor



Document Editors:

Google Docs

ThinkFree Office Mobile

Documents To Go

Quickoffice HD Pro

Kingsoft Office

Microsoft Office Mobile

Cloud Storage:

Google Drive







Even though this isnt all the apps I can list, not by a longshot, it is one that can get many of you started in the right direction. Most of this will depend on whether or not you are looking for free applications or paid one, remember that those paid for apps can be refunded after a small window time frame, so check them out and refund them if you aren't completely satisfied.

Once this list is completed with corresponding articles and the links attached to what is listed here, then a new list will be written. If there are any apps you would like to see mentioned on this list or one in the future then please feel free to say so in the comment section below. is a website based on getting you news on such topics as sports, technology, entertainment, travel and more. Bookmark us to stay up to date and earn a chance to win a free Android tablet.

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