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Android Tablet 101: Today Calendar

Android Tablet 101: Today Calendar

ANDROID-- The Android app Today Calendar is one of the best calendar apps in the market, and best of all you can try the free version first then decide if you want to purchase the full version. The developer of this particular app has been on top of it since day one, this app even had a “material design” before Google implemented it on their own calendar.

Within the app you can manipulate your colors, select to go the dark theme route and setup quick responses just to start. The video provided below will give you a complete overview of what’s in store when choosing to use the Today Calendar.

The calendar views you can choose from are as listed below,

Split View(see both the entire month and todays events)






When using this application on a Android tablet you will notice that in landscape mode the view is most pleasant to look at and work with. Nothing gets overly stretched while at the sametime it doesn't cram everything into one window.

You also have 2 different options when working with more than one calendar account. The first option to choose from is which calendars you want synced, be it Gmail accounts or others. The other option is deciding on what calendars you would like to display, each calendar can be given their own designated color which can then be seen when looking at your events in any of the views listed above.

Finally the last bit of information you should probably know about is the widget and options within that. You can select from 2 widget options to place on your Android tablet or smartphone, Agenda and Month. You can also select what calendars you would like to show within a widget area among individual settings for both the Agenda and Month views.

Download the FREE version of Today Calendar HERE

Download the PAID version of Today Calendar Pro HERE

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