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Android Wear On iOS, Coming To A Market Near You Soon

Android Wear May Be An iOS Users Next Purchase

Android Wear On iOS, Coming To A Market Near You Soon

WATCHES-- The Apple Watch isn't the only thing the company has to worry about when making sure things go as planned. Google let the cat out of the bag a time one can only assume was planned in stating that Android Wear will be available for iOS users soon.

Apple Watch has come under plenty of criticism as of late, mainly revolving around the rice point in comparison to the actual device itself. At just about double the cost of most Android Wear smartwatches, when it finally does become an option for iPhone owners that it will be a smarter option to choose.

The question comes down to how Apple will deal with this news, it wouldn't be a surprise to see the company once again lock down the services it provides to only work with Apple products. As a consumer this is great news though, choices and strong competition always drives the market forward. Maybe this will be the first step to cool off the long battle between fanboys and fangirls of both Android and Apple.

While this is some interesting news, Microsoft has also been rumoured to be going the open source route in opening up Microsoft. This could be a way for 3rd party developers to help push Windows into the present/future, they have been lacking in the mobile department since it first began. Apple may find itself competing with yet another brand that is compatible with its iOS.

Smartwatches are still in the early stages of their development, but it is during these early years do we see major manufactures starting to take ahold of the market. Once the kinks and farm factors are worked out and sales begin to climb will we really start to see these new generations of wearables really push the boundaries.

Would you buy and Android Wear watch over the Apple Watch if you own an iPhone? How about buying an Apple Watch if it were compatible with your Android smartphone? We may see a future compatibility with Apple products working on Android in the future, that is if Apple wan;t to take back some of the market once Android Wear works on iOS.

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