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Androids Newest Devices Will Be Encrypted By Default

Google Will Ship Future Android Devices Pre-Configured With Encryption Enabled
Androids Newest Devices Will Be Encrypted By Default

Encryption-- Since the beginning of this year there had been talk about how it would be a year about encryption and protection your data. Well the data thing may have taken a step back in recent light of the celebrity nude photo hack, but another tech giant is looking to take a step forward. Apple has been shipping their devices encrypted over the last few years and now Google will be doing the same, though their phones could already perform the task they will now be shipped pre-encrypted.

The reason Google is taking this approach is due to users not encrypting their phones because they don’t know how to or because they didn't know they could. Data protection is only going to become even more important as we become a world that is more connected, encrypted phones will help protect citizens from illegal police surveillance also.

Over the last 6 months or so there has been a lot of new coverage on the police departments across America on the unjust acts these men and women who are hired to protect those same citizens are performing. Ferguson was the pinnacle of the recent times and it looks like with the NSA doing their thing as well, Google is going to step up its efforts to protect the peoples data(and sell the data you allow it too).

Google release a statement in the last 24 hours about the sudden “we will turn it on for you” saying, "For over three years Android has offered encryption, and keys are not stored off of the device, so they cannot be shared with law enforcement." The Google statement continued on to say, "As part of our next Android release, encryption will be enabled by default out of the box, so you won't even have to think about turning it on."

This isn’t a Google Vs Apple battle for the customers but it is one for the two tech giants to keep each other in check. Hopefully all the corporations and companies that build personal devices with personal information stored on them continue to put security as one of the main objectives and on the front burner.


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