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Andy Kaufman’s Death All A Hoax, According To Brother

Did Andy Kaufman fake his own death?

Andy Kaufman’s Death All A Hoax, According To Brother
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The world mourned the loss of the legendary comedian, Andy Kaufman, when he died after battling cancer on May 16, 1984. It was a sad time for Hollywood and the comedian world. Kaufman was known for his off the wall antics during his standup routines and roles in various movies and television shows. One of Kaufman’s most enjoyable and fantastic roles, at least in this writer’s opinion, was his role as Latka Gravas in the hit television series, Taxi.

While the world has been missing Kaufman’s comedic additions to his television and movie roles and his standup routines, his brother Michael Kaufman, announced a startling realization…Andy Kaufman faked his own death and had also had a 24-year-old daughter. This shocking announcement came on November 11, 2013 during the Andy Kaufman Awards ceremony in New York City. During his speech about his funny and entertaining brother, Michael explained that he had found a letter from Andy stating that he was planning on faking his own death and that he had fallen in love and was raising a daughter with the woman. Furthermore, Michael invited a woman to come onstage with him and introduced her as the daughter from Andy’s bizarre letter.

The woman, supposedly Andy’s daughter, stated that Andy was living at home and enjoying his life as a stay-at-home father but would be coming out into the world again after 29-years in order to shock the world. However, at the last minute he decided to remain hidden.

In Michael’s speech he explained that the letter was received when he was directed to go to a specific restaurant in the year 1999 where he would receive another letter from a random person, this is the letter in question. According to Michael his brother was having a great life but he wanted to escape the reality of being Andy Kaufman.

Discussion of Kaufman faking his own death took place in the Jim Carrey hit film, Man on the Moon, which was based on Kaufman’s life and ultimate death. In the film it explained that Kaufman would often talk about how he would fake his own death even before the world heard that he had been pronounced dead.

However, according to a friend of the comedian’s, Al Parinello, he witnessed his friend’s death and was adamant that Kaufman’s death was no hoax. It has been reported that the comedian had told his friends numerous times that he wanted to fake his own death, which has stirred up many previous rumors that his death might have actually been a hoax. 

Despite reports about a 24-year-old daughter, Kaufman did have one actual daughter that the world knew about, Maria Bellu-Colonna, who was born to Andy and his high-school sweetheart. The girl however, was ultimately put up for adoption, as the young couple could not care for her the way she deserved to be cared for.

The reality of whether or not Kaufman is resting in his eternal resting place or is hiding out somewhere as a stay-at-home dad remains a mystery but it sure does add to the drama of the life that Kaufman led.

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