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Angela Zhou Bringing Heat to 'Hell on Wheels'

Angela Zhou Bringing Heat to
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AMC has become the go-to station for kick as television shows and they aren’t showing any signs of slowing down. They have The Walking Dead and they also have the gun slinging addictive series, Hell on WheelsThe series has drawn in audiences of all ages and even one’s who wouldn’t normally be turned onto a western type series. And now the series is getting even better with the addition of talented actress, Angela Zhou.

Recently we got the opportunity to speak with Zhou and get the low-down on what we can expect from her character, Mei.

BECCA ROSE: Tell us about your character on Hell on Wheels.
ANGELA ZHOU: After losing her family in China, Mei disguises herself as a boy named "Fong" and flees with her father to work on the Transcontinental Railroad in America. Though she's in a tough environment and constantly in danger, Mei sees her situation as an opportunity to build a new life for herself. One where she can take a leadership position. She's brave, confident, and often times bites off more than she can chew!

BR:  What drew you to the role?
AZ: It's the type of multidimensional and challenging character that all actors are drawn to -- it's the type of role that is the reason why I love acting. I was scared at first about playing a boy, but the show has been so supportive. They even hired a gender consultant and we had an eye-opening night out at a bar where I took on the disguise of Fong. I also love being a part of telling the Chinese story on the railroad. It's something we haven't seen yet and I think it's really important to honor all the different types of people who made sacrifices for the great achievements in history.

BR: What is your favorite quality about Mei?
AZ: That she is able to balance practicality with following her heart. 

BR:  Other than acting, what are you most passionate about?
AZ: So many things I'm struggling to answer this question! I love to read and tell stories. I'm passionate about equality movements -- particularly those for women. I'm addicted to singing and eating frozen yogurt.

BR: Where can our fans keep up with what you're doing? Are you on social media?
AZ: Yes! I'm quite active these days on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter @MsAngelaZhou


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