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Annoying Airplane Habits

Traveling stresses

Annoying Airplane Habits
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Traveling is not something that many Americans enjoy doing as it can cause a lot of stress and certainly costs a lot of money these days, but perhaps the worst part about flying is dealing with those annoying habits people seem to have on an airplane. It doesn’t matter the length of a flight, even on a brief hour-long flight, passengers will always find that one person who decides to make the trip more miserable than it needs to be. Flying is always a challenge simply because many people are not too thrilled with flying and some are even quite afraid of the concept. Distractions such as movies, music and books are welcomed but distractions that cause more stress than good are never desirable.

With the holidays coming right around the corner we thought we would give our readers a heads up as to what they might receiving if they are traveling by way of plane this holiday season, just to prepare them for what’s to come. So here is a list of some of the most annoying things that can happen on a flight.


#1. Screaming babies or young children – Children on a flight is an inevitable fact however, listening to a child scream and fight with their parents for an entire flight is not something anyone would want to hear.

#2. Kicking the back of the seat – One of the worst offenses one can do during a flight is kicking the back of their neighbor’s seats. This drives passengers insane with the constant added motion of their seat moving back a forth from the legs kicking wildly behind them.

#3. Talking on a cell phone – It has long been known that using a cell phone during a flight is not a good idea and passengers are requested to turn their cell phones off upon takeoff however, in recent news it seems that talking on a cell phone during a flight. This has made many people very happy and many unhappy. It is the same concept of hearing someone else’s conversation during a train ride; no one wants to hear a one-sided loud conversation.

#4. Coughing and sneezing – Okay so this one isn’t so easy to avoid and get rid of as everyone coughs and sneezes at some point in their life, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t an incredibly irritating thing to occur in a small-enclosed space such as an airplane.

#5. Causing a flight delay – Stop creating chaos on a flight so it can take off! Passengers who spend too much time trying to stuff that carry-on that is far too big into the overhead bins are one of the most annoying things about a flight. This causes delays and disturbances that are simply unnecessary.


These are only a select few of the items that make flying such an irritating and far more stressful process than it needs to be. So this holiday season be aware of the added stress that some flights can create, or perhaps you might want to consider alternative means of transportation.

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