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Anthony "Showtime" Pettis Gets Schooled In Latest Fight

Anthony "NO-Showtime" Pettis Was Taken Back To MMA School

Anthony "Showtime" Pettis Gets Schooled In Latest Fight

UFC-- The fight was hyped for few but the challenger Rafael Dos Santos made the other contenders in the weight class perk up their ears as a new champion was crowned in the UFC Lightweight division. Winning his 13th fight out of 18, Dos Santos has been keeping himself below the radar, although now a Championship belt is around his waist things may change.

The fight was always in the hands of the challenger as Anthony Pettis was overworked in strikes, takedowns and attempted submissions. Rafael Dos Santos brought the pressure from the first bell and never let up, Pettis looked to be the slower of the two which came as a huge surprise to fans, bookies and everyone inbetween.

Rafael Dos Santos said after the fight, "Man, it's such a blessing, I knew going into this fight I was going to win. I knew I was going to win before this fight happened.” In which he continued on to say, "I'm an MMA fighter. I'm a striker. I'm a jiu-jistu black belt. I've been working on wrestling. I'm the best in the world. Thank you Jesus. I came from the bottom to be here, fighting in a main event, UFC champion."

The fight remind some of the Dillashaw Vs Baraos fight as Dillashaw was seen as the fighter to upset the “almost” guaranteed winner. If someone happened to catch this fight and never knew Pettis was the defending champion, that same person would think it would be safe to assume the challenger was actually the fighter picked by Vegas to have the better odds.

It was almost like going to class for Anthony Pettis who have very very few showings that it was he who carried the belt. With all the injuries “Showtime” has had to deal with over the past few years, it wouldn't be a surprise to see a rematch between the two established before any other challenger is give the chance to have a crack at either fighter.

Brazil has been looking for another champion to step up as they have seen many of their fighters head towards the retirement door if they haven't already passed through them. Hopefully a positive test for some sort of steroid doesn't come to light in the next few weeks, something the UFC is hoping their new policy will take care of before they get another black eye.

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