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Apple Inc Is Just Another Tech Company Among Many

Apple Inc Is Just Another Tech Company Among Many

APPLE-- The absence of the late Steve Jobs is only becoming more apparent as the once most dominant tech company on the planet has seen itself slowly fall from grace. Stock prices and annual reports are only half the story as many of you understand that writers(no not me) are invested in certain companies, be it stocks or something else altogether.

The latest (soon to be) release from Apple is the long awaited “Apple Watch” which has strong a bad note with most tech enthusiasts.  The price point of the $10K version of one of their smartwatch models has been the foundation of many recent online jokes.

Brand awareness is an important factor for all businesses, once a brand is recognized it has the potential to grow and “sell” itself. This is what it felt like with the watch, it was subpar at best and Apple must have thought that their logo and past history is good enough to push a few million units. Just as the latest iPhones have been, both models are an improvement from that last model but it felt more as if Apple was just catching up to some of Androids(Google) features.

Then it comes to the “smart” TV, Apple has had a go at this more than once alongside Google, but both haven't taken the market by storm as they may have hoped for. This may have to do with the fact casting devices such as the Chromecast or Roku are a more feasible option for many, rather than dishing out thousands of dollars.

When the whole smartphone/tablet scene first took over the world, the entire industry was looking towards Apple as to where the direction of the market is going to be driven. Today it doesn't feel that way very much if at all, instead we have seen Apple’s relentless days of sueing, innovating and pushing the market forward at an incredible speed slow down to a crawl.

Is this the end of Apple Inc? Of course not, not by a long shot but the playing field has leveled out a lot. Going forward though it won;t be a cut and dry as Apple being atop of the pedestal, in fact their rivals(Google) may hold that spot as of now.

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