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Are You Afraid #2: Heights

Do you get lightheaded or lose your balance when you look over and edge?
Are You Afraid #2: Heights

Acrophobia-- Do you get lightheaded or lose your balance when you look over and edge, flight in a plane or even just see a view from somewhere high up on TV? Well there is a pretty good chance you suffer from Acrophobia, or better known as a fear of heights. This particular phobia is categorized under the space and motion discomfort label that are similar in nature, but also have treatments that may work from them all as equals.

Now if you feel a little fearful of standing next to an edge, then you may in fact not be considered an Acrophobia, due to the fact it’s natural to fear death in itself to a certain extent. The polar opposite of those afraid of heights are considered a “Head for heights,” or someone that relishes being up high. Those that have a head for height are best suited for hiking, climbing, flying and activities and/or career opportunities along those lines.

There has been instances where it has been proven that toddlers and even animals may be afraid of heights without having any prior mishaps to lean on that fear. This is called a “cliff-edge phenomenon,” which plays a large role in the effects of vertigo. With vertigo, a person is looking down at a distance that doesn't have a visible object for the person to lock onto, which will cause the eyes to sway in search for one.

Once the swaying starts with the eyes the body soon follows, and with there being no object for the eyes to look onto, the swaying doesn't stop and can even get to the point where a person may in fact fall over. However, a normal fear of heights can be trained or worked out, whereas Acrophobia cannot be done so easily, if so at all.

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