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Are You Afraid: Theophobia

Fearing anything religious is a real phobia

Are You Afraid: Theophobia

Theophobia-- Believe it or not, there is a fear or phobia that a God or Gods are the scariest thing imaginable. This phobia is called Theophobia, in which it is defined in the dictionary as “morbid fear or hatred of God”. Now this doesn't mean the particular suffer of this phobia is in strong worship, meaning they attend church and read religious texts in an attempt to please the god/s. Rather this is the complete opposite to which a person who suffers from Theophobia is fearful of churches and anything else that pertains to religion or specifically God/s.

Ironically it is suggested that in order to help those with this phobia, that they need spiritual guidance. Though it should also be pointed out that the usual victim of this is from a heavy relous family or background during their upbringing.  

Some religions will outcast anyone who may have Theophobia, where they will never be allowed to have any contact with the immediate family that is still involved with their religion. The real trouble comes from the rewards system that religions have in place for the afterlife, so their entire life can be altered from a phobia such as this.

Another very common name that is similar to Theophobia is called Zeusophobia, which is in more relation to the greek mythology. This comes from an earlier period in history, actually where the root word Phobia comes from in Greece. Zeus was the king of all Gods and and phobia in the Greek word that means fear.

Do you know of anyone suffering from Theophobia? Leave your thoughts below or share even share a story.

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