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Ashton Moio Brings New Intrigue To Twisted

Interview with Ashton Moio

Ashton Moio Brings New Intrigue To Twisted
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ABC Family has become the go-to channel for thrilling television shows that keep viewers guessing and of course coming back for more. Shows such as, The Fosters, Pretty Little Liars and Twisted have become our new favorite addiction and while we can get frustrated at a lack of answers we can’t help but flock to our television sets each and every week.

Twisted is one of ABC Family’s newest hits and has the makings of lasting for years to come, of course it is all about the plot twists that keep a show on its game. However, it isn’t just the plot twists that keep the fans on their toes but the actors and characters that truly make the show irresistible.

Here at Dudley Media Group we are especially fond of the character of Rico, played by Ashton Moio. Of all television show characters Rico seems to be the most realistic of them all, the kind of kid you could see yourself being friends with at school. Naturally we were thrilled when we were given the opportunity to speak with Ashton for the magazine.


BECCA ROSE: What can you tell our readers about this season of Twisted?

ASHTON MOIO: A lot more happens, which is kind of cool. This season there are a lot more answers and a lot more things are revealed. I think that is something people can look forward to.


BR: Which episode has been your favorite to film, so far?

AM: Probably the 6th episode where I had a bunch of scenes in the police department. That was the most fun for me because I did them all in one night.


BR: What intrigued you the most about the role of Rico?

AM: I think the thing that interested me the most about the role of Rico is that we’re pretty similar except that maybe he is a little bit more turned up than I am. I feel like he is hyper aware and maybe a little bit awkward but being able to be outside of the heavy circumstances that everyone is living under and call everyone out and comment on whatever you want to comment on and making goofy references. It’s just a fun part.

BR: What are some of your favorite shows on television right now?

AM: I don’t watch a whole lot of TV me and my girlfriend watch American Horror Story together, but I guess I would have to say American Horror Story.


BR: You’ve done a lot of stunts what kind of training did you have to go through in order to prepare for stunt projects?

AM: Since I was 8 or 9 my dad had a stunt workshop where I did high falls, fights and ratchets and then when I was 12 I started tae-Kwan-do and gymnastics and I still do both of those. I also skateboard but that was for fun. I did some car stunts. I think the cool thing about having stunts is I can get into it and get out of it and make it look all right.


BR: You’re stranded on a desert island but you have with you an athlete, a CD and a book. Who is the athlete? What CD is it? And what book are you bringing?

AM: For a CD on the desert island I would bring Buena Vista Social Club its afro-Cuban music, very fitting for a desert island. For a book I would bring an encyclopedia or a survival guide. I think I would bring a big football player, but I am not super into sports.


BR: Are you on social media? Where can our readers keep up with what you’re working on?

AM: I am on Twitter @AshtonMoio and Instagram at AMoio.

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