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AT&T Will Soon Let Customers Roll-Over Unused Data

But there is a catch...

AT&T Will Soon Let Customers Roll-Over Unused Data

AT&T-- It looks like this is the second tactic used by T-Mobile that has caught the attention of the competition as AT&T is soon to be letting their users roll-over any unused data to the next month. This will start to take place on January 25th as long as you are apart of the “mobile share plan” and all you will need to do is just need sit back as it will take effect automatically.

However, if you were thinking you can just rack up a few months of data at a time for a long streaming movie marathon or an emergency data hub stocked with a years worth of unused data. The unused data is only going to be good for a month, so anything you don’t use in January, will only be good in February. There is another catch too, the unused data will only be used once the new tier of data is used first in the new month.

Upwards of 50 million people are signed up for AT&T’s mobile share plan, with any added benefits to the consumer it should in theory make more people smile than frown. AT&T’s Glenn Lourie who is the President had this to say, "We're providing even more value and flexibility, and the best part is it's simple, sharable and easy to track for our customers."

T-Mobile has been on a tear as of recent times, always looking to take a shot at the competition which is a good thing for the market. Overages is another hot topic for T-Mobile as they point out at AT&T’s stoneage tactics that need to change for the fairness of the loyal customers.  Google has recently been talking to the FCC for approval to free up an unused bandwidth to implement free data within cityscape areas, which could really reshape the data plans available.

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