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Author Spotlight: Jen Raygoza

Author spotlight

Author Spotlight: Jen Raygoza
Photo Credit: Jen Raygoza

Writers come in all shapes and sizes and with all different genres and ideas but what they all have in common is each one is talented in their own right. It is a rarity to find writers who have that something special, the ones who can get under your skin in the best kinds of ways, the ones who reach into your soul and capture your attention and your heart with their stories.

This is what most of the writers with the publishing company, Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly do to their readers and author, Jen Raygoza is no exception. She is getting ready to release another masterpiece and the third installment in her series, The Guardians and this writer couldn’t be more thrilled that Raygoza sat down to answer a few questions about her upcoming release.


BECCA ROSE: When did you first begin to write?

JEN RAYGOZA: I first began to write when I was about 12-14 years old. I wrote poetry.

BR: Tell us a little about the book you're currently working on?

JR: I am working on part three in my series The Guardians. It's a fast paced vampire series.

BR: Who are some of your influences?

JR: I honestly think every book I read leaves something for me. I enjoyed EL James and Stephanie Meyers.

BR: What is your all time favorite book?

JR: I don't have an all time favorite book. I enjoy reading new books but remembering the ones I enjoyed so much is nice too. 

BR: What is your writing ritual?

JR: I usually grab water and some snacks, turn up the music and get too it. Not much planning involved. I just go.


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