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Berkeley Springs, West Virginia Water Tasting Test Still Being Held this Weekend

No contaminated water here in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia where the water testing contest will be going on as scheduled

Berkeley Springs, West Virginia Water Tasting Test Still Being Held this Weekend
photo by Jody Emmer

In the breathtaking town of Berkeley Springs West Virginia it is once again time for the 2014 grand water tasting event weekend.  Over 100 brands of bottled water from all over the world have been hand selected and sent to the town of Berkeley Springs to be taste tested by the finest water testers in the land.  In addition to bottled water, municipal tap waters are also taste tested and judged as best during the earlier part of the contest.  Bottled water from as far away as japan and Denmark are being entered into this contest this year, additionally most American states send in at least one brand of water although a few states such as Nevada, has never entered this contest.

Now on one hand this is a rather weird coincidence that one of the most prestigious water testing events to happen in America is happening in a town that is exactly 270 miles from the seven counties near Charleston, West Virginia where there was a toxic chemical spill that contaminated the Elk River on January 9th, 2014.

According to reports from CNN, an estimated 10,000 gallons of the toxic chemical MCHM was discovered to have leaked from a storage tank into the Elk River causing about 300,000 West Virginia residents to go without tap water, bathing, showering, or cooking with tap water for more than one week.  The Leak seemed to have occurred at Freedom Industries and there is an intensive investigation currently going on to discover what may have happened to have caused the storage tank to leak and to, hopefully, check out all the additional storage units for proper maintenance and usage of these storage tanks and drainage of dangerous, contaminants that are being disposed of properly and safely.`

Berkeley Springs, West Virginia is known for its pristine water that may be tapped directly from the mouths of the mountains into your own personal jugs at no cost.  Bathing in the mineral rich water is considered a luxury and a healing ritual, even George Washington had his own bathtub developed in Berkeley Springs back in the 1748.  It would be a crime of nature for this town to ever have that kind of incident here.  The water is considered sacred in this part of West Virginia.  So, they are getting on with the infamous water tasting contest at any rate.

Berkeley Springs was discovered and turned into America’s first spa due to the beauty of the land and its close proximity to Washington D.C.  Most of the hotels offer spa services such as massage, yoga, hot tubs of various sizes and with different concoctions of mineral salts to be added to the water.

One of the greatest parts of the contest comes at the end when all the extra bottles of water are put out for an event called “the water grab” and it is an apparent free for all to see who can grab as many free bottles of water at the end of the taste testing contest.  Good luck to all the contenders, try not to break any bones.

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