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Best Apps of 2013

If you are like me, assuming you have a smart phone, then you haven't downloaded a new app in a very, very long time. 
Best Apps of 2013
I just reached a level of contentment with the arsenal of apps I acquired about a year ago and have not even been tempted by any other P.O.S., mind-numbing candy squash B.S.
So, I decided to do some research. Here are some of the highest rated apps that came out this past year.

Adobe Photoshop Express – I know all you girls, and too many of you guys, like to take selfies at regular intervals throughout the day, and editing your nasty pictures to make yourself seem more classy or refined or whatever has become a big part of it. Photoshop got it together and made a simple and FREE app to do further photo editing with. There are 20 different filters and loads of other ugly erasing buttons.
BillGuard – From time to time everyone messes up their budget or overspends. With BillGuard, you can sync your bank accounts along with their respective cards to give you a very intuitive display that keeps up with your spending, your balance, your purchase history and many other cool financial help tools.
Bitcasa – A popular new technology is cloud-based services which basically allows you to store any data you want on a network of servers and also access from virtually anywhere there is service. Bitcasa allows anyone 10GB worth of free storage (that is an impressive free amount) and for $99 a year, unlimited storage is available. This is great for high resolution pictures and videos.
Cloze – This is a one stop shop app. It compiles social media information that you deem most important and presents the information to you in an easy to follow format. This is a great app for people that really need to keep in touch with their social contacts.
Converter-Plus – Everyone can find a use for this app. It will do conversions in any amount in ANY quality. Volume, length, currency, temp, cooking and everything else you can imagine.
Duolingo – Reputably the best free language learning software for phones and tablets, Duolingo will send you on your way, and quickly, to learning whatever that language is that you have always dreamed about. It covers reading, writing and pronunciation in a cute bubbly interface.
GAIN Fitness – Again this is a free app, but this one will be a complete workout coach, trainer and organizer for you. First, you can make your work out schedule on this app that appears with cool images. Then you can decide which kind of work out you want to do and the app will provide you with an incredible amount in information regarding that particular exercise. They get you with the option to pay for more workouts like yoga.
GateGuru – This is an airport app, but probably not in the way you are thinking. This app is for the actual innards of the airport. Information on the food vendors, shopping, travel, lodging and much more are included in this app. It will even tell you how long it will take you to walk from terminal to terminal. This is the perfect app for those long layovers.
Google Maps – This is the epitome of the map apps. This is the best reviewed and most revered of its kind. This map is super easy to read and very interactive. It stays updated and is a hell of a lot more efficient than the default apple map app. The Google Maps app will be your guide without fail.  
IMDB – This is one for the movie and television buffs. If you have any question about whatever you are watching or you are having a pretentious, hipster argument about Dr. Who then this is your app. IMDB includes photos, videos and general and specific information on just about any production or celebrity.

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