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Best Sunless Tanning Products

Recommendations on Sunless Tanning products and staying away from the sun, but looking beautifully tan.

Best Sunless Tanning Products
Sunless Tanners Photo by Jodi Emmer

They say a nice looking tan never goes out of fashion.  I am probably proof that they are indeed correct.  I have been using these products, not always correctly, but attempting to use them as best I could since I was twelve years old.  I was a sunblock nut, I religiously applied sunblock everytime I went out in the sun to avoid those age spots and wrinkles.

When I was in my young teens and my inability to apply the products really took its toll, my Grandmother became fond of calling me “Cleopatra” the bronzer addict.  I was made fun of quite a lot but I never ended up like that lady in New Jersey, the one who took her five year old into a tanning booth(Thank God).

According to   there are many ways to tan year-round, but as always they recommend the bottle, mists and lotions of sunless tanners.

As puts it, “There is no denying a suntan’s amazing ability to hide skin imperfections, diminish the appearance cellulite, conceal broken blood vessels, spider veins, varicose veins, and wrinkles. In fact, a tan can quickly and easily make you appear 10lbs thinner.” 

They have many suggestions of products on their website.  TanPhysics is considered the best of the best product for a realistic looking tan in any weather, season or time of day.  However, it is only available online and it is constantly out of stock.

Clarins self-tanning instant gel is a close second choice.  I use this product on occasion as it retails for something in the neighborhood of about $30.00 depending on the size of the bottle.  It has an odor but it isn’t as bad as some of the others that are on the market.  It goes on clear so it can be hard to know if you have applied it evenly. also recommends San tropez gradual tan mousse because of its ease of use, and it applies very evenly and easily.  It is one of the products with an unusually strong odor. It also retails for the $30.00 market price.

I think my favorite product, and this is my own opinion and after years of using my own body as a chemistry project would have to be Kiehl’s sun-free self-tanning formula (when I can afford it) and after that it is definitely the Loreal Paris Sublime Bronze self-tanning gelee medium natural.  5 ounces in the bottle and you can buy it down at Walgreens for $11.49.  I think Neutrogena has some very decent sunless tanning products that can be purchased at target for around $12 dollars and they can give you great results but you have to put the effort into learning how to use the product properly.

They say too exfoliate your skin first for an optimum tanning experience and to use a special gentle brush to use the lotion on your back and the hard to reach areas.  Let it dry before you put on your clothes or go back in the water.  For the most effective experience they say to apply the product one hour before you go to sleep, that way the work is all done while you are sleeping.




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