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Beyonce Grabbed Off Stage

Man yanks Beyonce off stage in mid-song.

Beyonce Grabbed Off Stage

Beyonce is used to being stalked paparazzi and hounded by fans everywhere she goes. Usually her bodyguards are nearby and never let anybody get too close, but when she is on stage, it is a bit of a different situation. It just wouldn’t look right if her bodyguard followed her all around as she shimmied and shook in front of her adoring fans. But, she may want to rethink that after her concert on Sunday at the Morumbi Stadium in Sao Paolo, Brazil.


The singer was doing what she does best—entertaining her screaming throng of fans. As is customary for the singer, she got down real close and was right at the edge of the stage belting out her song, “Irreplaceable.” One guy got a little too caught up in the moment and couldn’t help but reach out and touch her. Well, not exactly touch. He gave her a giant bear hug and pulled her off the stage!


The poor woman didn’t have a chance to get her footing as the shirtless man toppled her over. She had been squatting down with her back to him when he made his move. Thankfully, two security guards were very close and must have seen the crazed look on the man’s face and were already in motion when the guy grabbed her. He pulled her backwards and she probably would have landed flat on her backside if the security guard wouldn’t have leapt to her defense and grabbed her by her arm yanking her out of the man’s clutches.


Remarkably, Beyonce kept on singing through the whole thing! That girl has got nerves of steel! Most ladies would have been kicking, screaming and swinging at the man who accosted her, but not the cool as a cucumber Queen Bey. Nope, once the security guard pulled her back on the stage, she stood up and kept bouncing and singing without missing a beat. There is only one little hiccup you can hear as the security guard pulls her back to the stage and she lands on her rump.


After she finished the song, which only had a few seconds left, she quickly showed how much class she really has. While in the corner on the opposite side of the offender, she noticed security doing their job and getting the man out of the area. She quickly stopped singing and told security it was okay. Other fans were probably giving the man a little piece of their minds as well after nearly hurting their idol. Beyonce walked over to the edge and once again told security to back off. She kept using hand signals to make her point. She told security and screaming fans, “It’s all right. It’s all right.” Then in a completely uncharacteristic move of a big star, she actually held out her hand to the man and shook it to let him know she held no ill will towards him.


While her hand was extended, there were plenty of other grabby gooses trying to touch her but she swatted them to the side to get to the guy who nearly assaulted her. She asked his name and then told him she loved him too. Whether you love or hate her, that was very gracious of her. She could have let security manhandle him and throw his overexcited but outside, but she stopped them and let the guy enjoy the concert he probably paid good money to see.


Now, Beyonce knew the whole incident was being recorded and knew it would be all over YouTube and the media within hours of it happening. She made a quick decision on how she could let it all play out. She could have played the victim and whined and cried about overeager fans and demanded more security, but instead she opted to suck it up and accept if for what it was. Her hubby, Jay-Z, may not be quite as willing to forgive and forget.


Note to fans, leave the entertainer alone if you are lucky enough to be that close to the stage! That guy is very luck the bouncers didn’t bounce his butt right out onto the sidewalk headfirst!

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