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Bill Clinton Doesn’t Want To Talk About Hillary

Bill Clinton Doesn’t Want To Talk About Hillary
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Former president Bill Clinton said he doesn’t want to talk about Hillary in regards to her running for president in 2016. He said its way too early for anyone to start campaigning.


Clinton told CNN’s Jorge Ramos on Fusion, “I think and she believes, that the country should spend at least another year working very hard on the problems we have. We have very serious challenges in America and we have responsibilities around the world. I think it’s a big mistake, this constant four year, peripatetic campaign is not good for America. We need to deal with the business we have before us.”


Clinton may not want to talk about campaigns, however supporters are already starting to line up behind potential candidates, including the former secretary of state. The polls indicate if Hillary launched a campaign she would be the frontrunner for the Democratic nomination.


Two time presidential candidate, Vice President Joe Bidden is considering a bid for the White House.


Clinton said, “if he runs and he’s the nominee, I’ll try to help him win. I think the world of him. I’ve known him for years and years and I have a very high opinion of him. I care a great deal about him and I think he’s done a good job for the President and the country.”

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