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Black Friday Sales Not Worth the Frustration Says Experts

Black Friday sales are not all that great and not worth the effort say experts.
Black Friday Sales Not Worth the Frustration Says Experts
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Save yourself a lot of time, frustration and most importantly—sleep and skip the ridiculous early or late-night Black Friday sales. According to some experts, you are getting screwed by shopping those sales. Apparently, it is all a very carefully constructed ploy to get you in the store and in the spending mood. It is the old bait and switch tactic.

You show up at 2:45 am to get that 45-inch big screen for $400, but OH NO!!! It is all gone! What do you do? As you hang your head down and drag your knuckles down the aisle, you look up and it is like heaven is shining down upon you. Just there up ahead, you see an entire pallet full of 41-inch big screen for the same price. Well hell! You are in luck. What’s a couple of inches anyways? You run over, scoop up the television before anybody else realizes there is an equally awesome deal and head for the checkout. And somewhere in the business office, a manger is up there rubbing his hands together thinking, “Yah, baby! We just got another sucker.”

There is a good reason you got duped. Expert Matthew Ong is a retail analyst and he explains just what happens in that moment, “Consumers make poor decisions when they're under duress, and this is most obvious on Black Friday.” The frenzy that is Black Friday is certainly conducive to feeling like you are under the gun. You had your heart set on that television and come hell or high water you are darn well walking out of there with a TV, whether it is the one in the ad or not.

Ong also points out that 90 percent of the items on sale this year, were on sale last year for the exact same price. And, this is what will really hurt--many of the items that are being put on sale for Black Friday have already been on sale in the months prior to the big day. The sale prices are not all that exciting when you do a little research.

In many cases, the fabulous deals that are advertised as Black Friday only specials will end up lasting throughout the entire holiday season. Wal-Mart is famous for doing this. Last year, pajama sets for the kids, DVDs, and a load of other items were featured in the Black Friday ad for a certain price. Well, a week later, guess what? The prices were still the same. The idea was to create a sense of urgency in order to get people to scoop up things they feel are going to be gone if they don’t grab them right that minute. It works and retailers make a load of money.

However, sales experts say you could pop into a store any Wednesday and get some of the best deals you will see all year. Retailers are only giving consumers what they think they want by creating this frenzy. If you want the great deals, but don’t want the elbows to the gut and bruises on the back of your heels from being run over by carts, sit out the Black Friday hoopla and head to the store on Monday. You are going to find half the craziness with all the same great bargains. Or sit at home and shop on the computer while you sit in your jammies and drink your cup of coffee without ever getting into a shouting match with any pushy shoppers.

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