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Blind Man Removed From Plane Due To Service Dog

Blind passenger removed from plane
Blind Man Removed From Plane Due To Service Dog
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Passengers have been removed from planes for a variety of reasons, most of the time the removal of a passenger is to keep the safety of everyone else on board or if they are causing a disturbance. Most disturbances are caused by unruly passengers and rarely by the small pets they take along with them, which is not always the cause of the commotion. Service animals are almost always allowed to travel with the owners no matter where they are going and there is usually never an issue however, on a U.S. Airways Express flight earlier this week a passenger, with a terrible disability, was asked to leave the plane. This caused an uproar among his fellow passengers.
Albert Rizzi, the legally blind passenger, was on a flight from Philadelphia to MacArthur Airport in Long Island when a flight attendant approached him about the fact that his service dog was not under his seat. According to Rizzi the plane was grounded for nearly two hours and his service dog was beginning to go a little stir crazy due to the sounds and vibrations of the plane itself. The flight attendant returned to Rizzi’s seat and informed him that the plane would not take off until the dog remained under the seat and when the attendant returned again she kicked Rizzi and his canine guide off the plane. This is when the rest of the passengers caused an uproar and followed right behind the man. As they began to realize what was taking place, when security came to escort Rizzi off the flight, the passengers were outraged as he had not caused any problems for them or any of the in-flight staff.
Rizzi is grateful and “humbled,” by what he fellow passengers did for him. Every last one of them removed themselves from the plane out of respect for the legally blind man. They were all furious and screaming at the higher ups about the flight attendants atrocious actions and demanded that she be relieved of her duties.
After the ordeal had ended all passengers opted to take a bus to their Long Island destination and U.S. Airways will be looking into the entire incident to determine the best course of action.
If it were up to the passengers aboard the flight with Rizzi this week the flight attendant would lose her job and the entire U.S. Airways organization would be held accountable for the way the entire situation was handled.

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