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Braving The Storm – How To Cure Cabin Fever During Major Storms

How to survive cabin fever

Braving The Storm – How To Cure Cabin Fever During Major Storms
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Winter is upon us and that means snow storms are inevitably heading our way, at least on the east coast. Hurricanes, snowstorms, nor’easters among many other major storms often have the ability to force people to stay in doors for, sometimes days on end.

Being stuck in one’s home can create the fury of cabin fever and you mind find yourself going a little stir crazy. Many east coasters remember how cooped up they felt when Hurricane Sandy struck her mighty force down on us, well it’s the winter and now we get to feel mother nature’s wrath in the form of white flakey and sometimes icy snow.

Never fear there are things you can do to keep yourself entertained and not think about the cabin fever, or if you’re really lucky you can rid yourself of that cabin fever feeling. Here are some tips to keeping yourself out of that confined bind.

#1) Television is your new best friend – Okay so people always say not to watch too much TV or you’ll “fry your brain,” well when it comes to fighting cabin fever watching TV can be your savior. Find a new show to enjoy or try to catch up on some old ones. If you have Netflix you might find some truly ridiculous movies to keep yourself entertained or you can spend hours just searching through their streaming options. Whatever you do, do not spend the entire day watching the news you’ll be even more depressed than before the weather event began.

#2) The Internet – If you have power and an Internet connection, browse the Internet for funny animal videos, articles, etc. Go on Facebook and complain about the weather with your friends who might also be stuck indoors. You can also shop; retail therapy always helps, just be careful you don’t spend all your money at once.

#3) Take up a new hobby – As a writer it is easy for me to spend a day stuck indoors writing and I have no complaints about it, but not everyone is a writer. Taking up a new hobby while stuck inside might be the best thing for you. Look up some tutorials on sewing (if you have material in your house already), draw even if you think you can’t. Do some painting. Cook something new or even try to do some writing you never know you might be good at it.

#4) Read – Whether you’re an avid reader or not being stuck indoors might be the best time to pick up a book and transport yourself to a new place and time. Reading can help pass the time immensely.

#5) Straighten up – Cleaning isn’t exactly the best thing in the world however, when you’ve got nothing else to do cleaning might be your best option. Besides your home will look nice and sparkly once you’re done.


Whatever you find to keep yourself entertained don’t worry the clouds will lift eventually and you will once again be able to step outdoors and back into the world of civilization.


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