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BREAKING NEWS - 5 Story Building Collapse in Mumbai

The people of Mumbai were awakened this morning at 6:25 am by a five-story building collapse near Dockyard Station. 
BREAKING NEWS - 5 Story Building Collapse in Mumbai
Many people are reportedly trapped, some feared dead.  No casualties have been reported thus far, and it is unknown how many people are missing at this time.

This is only the most recent building collapse in this area, after five were killed and six injured after a four-story building collapse occurred in June, and an even more deadly eight-story building collapse in April killed 74 people in the Mumbai suburb of Thane.   

Buildings in India commonly collapse due to the use of substandard materials and the subpar supervisory practices of commercial construction workers in this area.  In June, heavy rains triggered the collapse, and it is unknown at this time the specific cause of this most recent tragedy.

This area is already a hotbed of turmoil, after recent gang rape of a female journalist in Mumbai.     

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